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NatureOfLogic1529d ago

Looks a lot better than Xbox one.

j-blaze1529d ago

both look ugly tbh but it doesn't matter, all about games

ZodTheRipper1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Wouldn't call it ugly. Reminds me of the PS2. I also like the blue bar that seems to go only halfway to the other side. Kinda fits to the new Dualshock design. Excited to see it IRL.

Why o why1529d ago

Whats more important for me is its noise levels. I'm hoping its quiet

Outside_ofthe_Box1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I don't want to call it ugly because it does remind me of the PS2 and I don't find the PS2 ugly at all. So I'll just say it looks disappointing, leaves more to be desired, etc. It looks better than the XB1, but that isn't saying much.

In the end both consoles lack that "next-gen feel" and just aren't visually impressive. They don't "wow" you or leave you in awe. Just one big "meh".

LOL_WUT1529d ago

Only two USB slots and a HDMI out :(

bunfighterii1529d ago


exactly what I thought when I first saw it- PS2-esque. I actually really like it, its a nice looking piece of hardware.

kreate1529d ago

Just pre-ordered ps4 :)


i actually prefer the xbox one design. doesnt mean anything though because im not buying a console to look at it. it isnt about what the stupid box looks like...its about what the console itself is capable of. 100 bucks MORE for an xboner thats inferior to the ps4?

dress it up all you want but im never gonna be on board with that.
long live used games yo.

darthv721529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

have such solid design with sharp edges.

I like how the ps4 can stand upwards. Looking at the two from the front they are both visually appealing.

From the side, the angled look of the ps4 would make it a tad different if put into a home theater setup.

I can see the xbox one in place with other A/V components. The PS4 would probably look best by itself due to its design.

edit: this is what the ps4 initially reminded me of. Sharp x68000

zebramocha1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I thought it looked like those things that stick out of muscles cars on top of the hood.

@darth what is that?

badz1491529d ago

how many HDMI out do you want? ohh...I get it, you secretly wished for Sony to announce the PS4 as cable box too, right? sorry bud, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!


wellard1529d ago

LOL yeah damn thats just as ugly as the xbone, but i still cant wait to get my hands on one. Im kind of excited about having a playstation again after spending most of this gen on an xbox

AliTheSnake11529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

At first I was like why sony ?
But then it grew on me, when i Saw it from the sides. It relates to the PlayStation Heritage.I think it looks amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on it. BTW It is the same size of the PS3 Slim . According to Shuhei Yoshida

KidBroSweets21528d ago

Quit being fanboys for just one second and realize that both systems are ugly rectangles. And how often does anybody actually look at it anyways when playing a game?

Rhythmattic1528d ago


If that is the size thats pretty amazing for a first ver release console..

I noticed with the pics the PS has an inbuilt Power supply , like all PS 3 revisions.... Bitchin'

BTW, do we know if the Bone has a power brick again ?

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Muffins12231529d ago

Both look great but i think ps4 looks really good

SirBradders1529d ago

Pure sex, i just want to fuck it.



Now, i want a Playstaion 4!!!!

M-M1529d ago

To be honest, I think it just takes a while to soak in. I hated the DS4 design when they first showed it, but now I love it. Disappointed with the console design first hand, but now it looks pretty sleek.

Dunpeal1529d ago

idk some sins are damn sexy, if you know what i mean ;)

Garbanjo0011529d ago

I think the design is about what I was looking for. At first glance I was like awesome, then I was like "kinda looks like the XBO," then I just melted as the conference went underway. Can't believe that they are releasing the console for $399.99, that's amazing news.

Suck it MS!!!!

Themisterphenix1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I think the Xbox One looks better,but not by much!I do think Sony won me over tonight and PS4 will be my main console!

PFFT1529d ago

Dude they are both ugly as FCK! Stop lying to yourself.
Still man the 399 price point is awesome! It be funny if MS came out tomorrow announcing a price cut.

DigitalAnalog1529d ago

Just imagine the slim version of this........

gedapeleda1529d ago

I'm impressed, the guy who made a concept from the treaser was correct.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1529d ago

It ooozes ps2 nostalgia. That hyperblue line going across it. AAAAAHHHHHHH the memories

I_am_Batman1529d ago

I don't really like the design but I'm glad it isn't as huge as the Xbox One.

Irishguy951529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

They both look ****. Good stuff that I don't care much about their outer appearance. It's what it lets you insert that counts

Why do I have 5 bubbles? Hmmm better get to trolling

Flames761529d ago

For real?It looks the same as the Xbox one except its smaller.Sony didnt have a design so they copied the Xbox One.You would have to be a fanboy or just stupid to think it looks better or different.

rainslacker1528d ago

Not as nice as the original phat PS3, but kinda reminds me of a futuristic looking PS2. If the controller is only a little bit bigger than the DS3, then this is a pretty slim console...would like to see it side by side with another console we all know for a size comparison.