Knack and DriveClub Confirmed as PS4 Launch Titles, inFamous: Second Son Releasing Q1 2014

It’s Shuhei Yoshida’s turn to do some announcing, as he confirmed that Knack and DriveClub will be ready for the PlayStation 4 launch later this holiday.

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Abash1688d ago

This gives Watch_Dogs some breathing room on PS4 so Im good with this

Bathyj1688d ago

My thoughts exactly. i was even going to say breathing room.

badz1491688d ago

I am finally getting PS+! so...I"ll only have to buy KZSF as Drive Club is a giveaway! DANG...Sony is on FIRE!

TrendyGamers1688d ago

Looks like I have something to play in Q1!

showtimefolks1688d ago

Also killzone is coming at launch too

coolmast3r1688d ago

Uhm...But where are new games? We've seen these 3 already. Uh.

ThatCanadianGuy5141688d ago

Gamescom, TGS and VGA's.Unlike a certain other company, Sony doesn't blow their load every E3 and have nothing to show for the rest of the year.

theWB271688d ago

I thought they didn't have anything to show at all? Now that the other company does, they blow it all to quick?

ThatCanadianGuy5141688d ago

Where did i say they wouldn't have anything to show?

Stop trying to generalise and group people, please.

And don't act like MS showing games at E3 is some kind of kindness they've done for us.It's what they were SUPPOSED to do.

Pintheshadows1688d ago

I'll get Drive Club and Watch Dogs I think.

badz1491688d ago

if you are, then Drive Club is a FREE game for you DAY 1!

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The story is too old to be commented.
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