Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Updated To Spec II

Got the Japanese version of GT 5 Prologue and are feeling left out at all the new goodness coming on the Western versions of the game? Well, don't - the Japanese version is getting an update to 'Spec II', this Friday at around Noon. To update, select News from the My Page, and then press the PS button.

Note that after updating, you'll lose your replays and the event data will be cleared although you'll keep all your credits and cars and any cleared events up to A class, so you won't need to do those again.


The full content included in the update isn't known yet - it may or may not contain things like 2 player mode, cars, tracks etc.

Update 2: Spec II might just be the same patch PAL owners are getting just now - ABS removal etc. Probably not any new tracks or cars...

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housegroove763622d ago

sweet!!! thats freaking awesome. Owning the japanese release, I was feeling all left out with all the goodies the UK and US versions are getting. Nice to know that all of us owning the Japanese version are going to have everything that everyone else is getting.

mattnz3622d ago

but might stick to my Japanese one now. I would like English language but I'm guessing that my Save Game wont transfer over.

ianp6223622d ago

This is great for me, considering I was thinking of selling the Japanese version and getting the US version. Although do we know that this includes all of the new features in the new GT5P like 2 player?

level 3603622d ago

Yes!!!, just got my copy today.

Exactly 9:15am gameshop opens up, and in I go to get my copy of GranTurismo 5: Prologue her in Sydney, Australia.

Very first day of release.

housegroove763621d ago

update for anyone with the japanese version. The patch DOES update the Japanese version to the UK and US release. All cars, tracks, tunning, and split screen goodness