Surprise, Surprise Playstation 4 does Music and Video

And you were worried videos were gone.

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GentlemenRUs1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I don't mind having a vast library of Movies and Music!

Just what the XBONE did was become a Satbox...

darthv721746d ago

are essentially very similar. Both will do media (movies, music) both will do social interaction, both are similarly powered, both will play used games, both have a camera that will be used for some games and not so much for other games, both have a paid membership level that gives more access to the features of the system.

The $100 price difference is really the only difference. To many it is THE only difference. To me...Im still buying both. Im ready for the next gen. I have live gold and PS+. Now I just need to wait till they get released.

Speaking for myself, Im in the best situation as I will be continuing to play halo on the next gen xbox as well as play killzone on the next gen ps. Those who only choose happy with what you pick. Dont get upset if you got the wrong one because you can always buy the other when you feel the time is right.

The E3...everyone is a winner!

steve30x1746d ago

Wrong. The PS4 wont spy on you and its not pretending to be a cable box.

punisher991746d ago

Well aren't you Mr. Happy?

bobtheimpaler1746d ago

The $100 isn't the only difference.

I'll enjoy games on the PC and PS4.

RM-TatoTiburon1746d ago

xbox 1 show more games than PS4, i'm worry about the freeze problems in PS4 with AC4 and Destiny...if you think that xbox one it's not about gaming, well this morning show prove you wrong

EazyC1746d ago

But it's a given...they should reserve the conference soley for games, the first half hour of the conference was mind numbingly boring. Didn't kick off til they showed the Order.

Blackdeath_6631746d ago

...but it ended in fireworks and bombs with sony literally going out and slamming MS by releasing their console at a lower price confirming nor drm,always online requirements or blocked used games and poking fun at the XBone.

kyon1471746d ago

This was to be expected I think

EasilyTheBest1746d ago

OMG the only gameplay ingame footage I have seen yet is Killzone.
I hope it gets better..

Software_Lover1746d ago

I just hate the fact that everyone wants a piece of the netflix pie. Sony took their movies off of Netflix streaming so they could do their own service.

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The story is too old to be commented.