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ArabicGamers: Tretton says Vita "just beginning its lifecycle"

Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, has opened the Sony's E3 conference this year by saying that Vita would come into its own in the coming year and with the launch of the PS4. (PS Vita, Sony)

Shinobi100  +   898d ago
When you announce no new material for your console, I think that's signaling the end of its lifecycle
chestnut1122  +   898d ago
Jack Tretton told viewers that the "Vita is just beginning it's life cycle" . Did you see the Words "the End" nor "Dead" there?
Starbucks_Fan  +   898d ago
I saw Walking Dead there *trollface*

but seriously, it's no where near dead, especially considering how cheap and successful the PS4 will be. Many people will buy both now.
guitarded77  +   898d ago
With PS4 and PS3 games coming to Vita with Gaikai, it's lifecycle hasn't even started yet. They can troll all they want, but I'll be playing Battlefield 4 and GTAV remotely.
ABizzel1  +   898d ago
As I said 2014 is the year of the Vita. Right not Sony's major focus needs to be on the PS4, while they have serious momentum against M$ and Nintendo.

Once people are buying up PS4's then the next logical step is to get a Vita for second screen gaming and by then should have a massive library of Vita games like

GTA Vita
Uncharted Vita
Assassin's Creed Vita
Fifa Vita
Call of Duty Vita
God of War Vita
and more.
Cam977  +   898d ago
Did they show Jak and Daxter the Collection for Vita?
badz149  +   898d ago
with all PS4 games have Remote Play as mandatory
I doubt the Vita is anywhere near being dead! I for one loves Remote Play and the PS4 is just like a dream came true for *REAL* this time around!
M-M  +   898d ago
I'm pretty sure there will be more on it after E3 and/or at future events. When you have a new console, you need to spend the majority of your time on that.
Salooh  +   898d ago
Assuming that is just dumb. But yes , it's wrong what they did there, they wasted our time on old stuff. The only new thing is a lame batman game -.- ..
Xof  +   898d ago
I certainly hope so.

It's certainly easy to look at the Vita now and say it's in dire straights, but to be fair, the 3DS suffered through a bit more than a year of terrible-ness, and the PS3 around two and a half, so there's certainly precedent to be found for some late blossoming.
BuffMordecai  +   898d ago
I hope so, there is so much potential. I'm surprised that no new, non port first party games were announced for the handheld during the conference. Ports are fine and all but we need more platform specific games to give it more of an identity. Also where is that price drop, Sony needs to get the ball rolling and increase the sales of this handheld.
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MorfiTM  +   898d ago
yep, only ports, indies and Destiny of Spirits was announced. No new NFS/AC/type-in-other-major-ser ies. I'm seriously pissed now.
No announcement of price drops on memory/console...there's no new value added to adhere to those who don't have a vita yet.
Shinobi100  +   898d ago
I know the Vita ain't gonna die, since Sony has enough money to handle losses and it will always have value for PS4 remote play. But if it no longer receives original, AAA material, there's no point of it being alive. Hopefully they reveal somethin else during the week. Gamescom is a long way away to hold onto this console just based on hope
Felonycarclub8  +   898d ago
I love my vita and can't for all those new games plus can't wait to play ps4 games from anywhere that has wifi but still :-)
CaptainYesterday  +   898d ago
I'm glad to see another PS Vita owner being positive!
Felonycarclub8  +   897d ago
Oh I have a lot of fun on my ps vita and with ps+ it just so much better, that killzone is looking amazing, I hope I win the lotto :-) that would be heaven playstation heaven
ravens52  +   897d ago
Go Vita!!!:) Shuld have went into depth with it but i love my vita either way best piece of hardware (handheld wise) out.
wenaldy  +   898d ago
Tretton charged for murder!!

CaptainYesterday  +   898d ago
Yeah I saw that too! Can't stop laughing!
MorfiTM  +   898d ago
The best statement: "Vita owners have average of 10 games from which 60% is digital."
I have 17 retail copies and nearly 40 digital releases. I would have more retail copies and Vita games in general if they were worth the buck.
So either price drops of games or making them worth their price.
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Salooh  +   898d ago
Exactly . What will help the vita are serious games. Not a price cut . The games they provide doesn't worth the price. Just tearaway , killzone mercenary , TWD and few ps2 collections such as jack and daxter .. That's it for the rest of the year. Which i consider it bad , why?. because multiplatform games are lame in it not like ps4 or ps3 in launch date..
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xxPillsxx  +   897d ago
In my opnion Killzone Mercenary DOES worth the price.
Salooh  +   897d ago
The games i mentioned are worth the price but the rest don't :) . Sorry for bad english :P ..
r21  +   898d ago
It wasnt that at all a great show for the vita :L I wanted some major news but nothing. Although DN and TWD vita made up for it a bit.
Number-Nine  +   898d ago
sony should consider abandoning the handheld market after the vita. nintendo has this portion of the market on lock down.
ExPresident  +   898d ago
I'm honestly considering the purchase of a VITA now that I've seen the price of the PS4 is much cheaper than I had anticipated. Not to mention I've been downloading the PS+ Vita games I get with my subscription just incase I do buy one so I already have a library of games.
DivineAssault  +   898d ago
People count vita out already when it hasnt even began its onslaught.. Just cuz 3DS is doing well doesnt mean vita is finished.. Nintendo is nearing its peak with 3DS in a yr or 2.. There will be no mario kart 7.5 or smash bros 4.5, etc.. After zelda, starfox, & a few others, there wont be much left.. Vita hasnt even started with GOW, Patapon, Valkyria Chronicles, & others sequels that are bound to come.. Not to mention the PS4 remote play & dual screen controls..

Theres a lot more to come with the lil guy but sony must prepare its PS4 campaign & build the ecosystem little by little starting with gaikai.. Plus im getting Muramasa, Dragons Crown, Phantasy Star, Tearaway, Valhalla Knights, & Killzone for vita... 3DS is doing very well & great games are incoming that i will buy too like Project X Zone, Bravely Default & Zelda.. Just dont know how long i can tolerate not being able to communicate, bogus network sharing, lack of accomplishments & other gripes..
PopRocks359  +   898d ago
The problem I have is they didn't announce any new content. All they did was reaffirm cross-play with PS4. The Vita, being a handheld platform, should be a game machine first and a controller second, especially if I'm paying over $200 for it.

Furthermore, (because I know some idiot will try to make the claim) this is not me hating on the Vita. This is an honest critique of the system and me saying how and why I want it to improve.

It's great how Sony focused on PS4, but I would have liked for a bigger bone thrown toward Vita as well.
DivineAssault  +   897d ago
i think they shouldve had more to show with vita too.. What can you do? Theres plenty in store for it im sure.. Sony has a lot they have to show with PS4 right now but gamescom, TGS, & all the other conferences are still coming.. Im sure vita will still be getting games for the next 5+ years

Plus they did so well with PS4, i have complete faith in them to deliver on every single console they have on the market.. Minus ps2 & under
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TongkatAli  +   897d ago
Wait for a pricecut, the thing has games, really solid games. Also it's more social then the 3DS which makes it a better purchase if you like voice chat and messaging.

Does the 3DS even have a buddy list ?
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TongkatAli  +   897d ago
Ok, I'm pissed. I'm at work now, took the time to respond to the pm you sent me and you have me on block. Don't fing PM me if you have me on block cause there is no point cause you're just saying shit while my mouth is ducktaped.

I wasn't going to cuss you out. I was giving you an answer to what you sent me. Social aspects really do mean shit to you, LOL!
tiffac008  +   898d ago
I know there are games coming to the Vita but when is Sony going to help localize the Japanese games that has an audience in the English speaking market? That would certainly help the library and may have fans of those franchises buy in.

A price drop on the memory cards and maybe on the Vita itself wouldn't hurt either.
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sherimae2413  +   897d ago
i believe in what mr. jack tretton says.....
but still... they should announced even a single 1 AAA NEW game from the conference... but sadly none...

this is what im fearing about.... i know the vita will here to stay...
but this doom and gloom is gonna going start to comeback....
TongkatAli  +   897d ago
So what! The PSP was getting doom and gloom through its all whole life cycle. Nintendo trolls hate competetion in the handheld market.
arkaeviz  +   897d ago
Shahid mentioned that there are lots of surprises for vita/ big game announcements, his tweets were so pumped up that you will really get hyped, but look what happened? I am starting to dislike the guy.
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xxPillsxx  +   897d ago
Listen man, don't lose hopes:
First, this Press Conference was MAINLY to show the PS4, not the PS Vita. He promised Sony will show more PS Vita in the next E3 days and also, Gamescome! And I'm pretty sure Sony is going to give the Vita a bright future, according to this article you're reading.
Second, Shahid confirmed that the "AMAZING big title" for PS Vita WAS NOT releaved in that E3 show. And come on look ahead, we're getting 85 more titles, what if one of them is GTA? Also, take a look at E3's Event Schedule, there's some Unannouced Titles, and plus, Killzone Mercenary! So cheers up budy! We will see a lot more! Let's all forget the dark past, and head to the bright future!
o-Sunny-o  +   897d ago
Vita is beautiful! ^~^ Just need a little help from friends. Please announce something epic. I wish for RE Outbreak 3 badly.

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