ArabicGamers: Tretton says Vita "just beginning its lifecycle"

Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, has opened the Sony's E3 conference this year by saying that Vita would come into its own in the coming year and with the launch of the PS4.

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Shinobi1001680d ago

When you announce no new material for your console, I think that's signaling the end of its lifecycle

chestnut11221680d ago

Jack Tretton told viewers that the "Vita is just beginning it's life cycle" . Did you see the Words "the End" nor "Dead" there?

Starbucks_Fan1680d ago

I saw Walking Dead there *trollface*

but seriously, it's no where near dead, especially considering how cheap and successful the PS4 will be. Many people will buy both now.

guitarded771680d ago

With PS4 and PS3 games coming to Vita with Gaikai, it's lifecycle hasn't even started yet. They can troll all they want, but I'll be playing Battlefield 4 and GTAV remotely.

ABizzel11680d ago

As I said 2014 is the year of the Vita. Right not Sony's major focus needs to be on the PS4, while they have serious momentum against M$ and Nintendo.

Once people are buying up PS4's then the next logical step is to get a Vita for second screen gaming and by then should have a massive library of Vita games like

GTA Vita
Uncharted Vita
Assassin's Creed Vita
Fifa Vita
Call of Duty Vita
God of War Vita
and more.

Cam9771680d ago

Did they show Jak and Daxter the Collection for Vita?

badz1491680d ago

I doubt the Vita is anywhere near being dead! I for one loves Remote Play and the PS4 is just like a dream came true for *REAL* this time around!

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M-M1680d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be more on it after E3 and/or at future events. When you have a new console, you need to spend the majority of your time on that.

Salooh1680d ago

Assuming that is just dumb. But yes , it's wrong what they did there, they wasted our time on old stuff. The only new thing is a lame batman game -.- ..

Xof1680d ago

I certainly hope so.

It's certainly easy to look at the Vita now and say it's in dire straights, but to be fair, the 3DS suffered through a bit more than a year of terrible-ness, and the PS3 around two and a half, so there's certainly precedent to be found for some late blossoming.

BuffMordecai1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I hope so, there is so much potential. I'm surprised that no new, non port first party games were announced for the handheld during the conference. Ports are fine and all but we need more platform specific games to give it more of an identity. Also where is that price drop, Sony needs to get the ball rolling and increase the sales of this handheld.

MorfiTM1680d ago

yep, only ports, indies and Destiny of Spirits was announced. No new NFS/AC/type-in-other-major-ser ies. I'm seriously pissed now.
No announcement of price drops on memory/console...there's no new value added to adhere to those who don't have a vita yet.

Shinobi1001680d ago

I know the Vita ain't gonna die, since Sony has enough money to handle losses and it will always have value for PS4 remote play. But if it no longer receives original, AAA material, there's no point of it being alive. Hopefully they reveal somethin else during the week. Gamescom is a long way away to hold onto this console just based on hope

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The story is too old to be commented.