God of War 1& 2 HD, Flower, Dead Nation, The Walking Dead Bundle Headed to the PlayStation Vita

Jack Tretton got on stage at E3 and revealed a bunch of ‘new’ PlayStation Vita games.

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WiiUsauce1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

yaay more ports!! anyone wanna buy a Vita? 200 bucks for a mint condition Vita (since it never gets played), 8gb memory card, Sly 4, Uncharted, and Wipeout with official licensed comfort grips? so disappointed with the Vita smh. PM me if you're interested.

TongkatAli1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Its not the Vita who has issues. The Wii U doesn't have game issues to you so its confusing why you think the Vita is so bad in the game department.

Also there is nothing wrong with ports of GOOD GAMES! You wanna play exclusive games the Vita has those too.

jujubee881650d ago

You do realize we haven't even had TGS yet.

I'm not psyched about the VITA line-up, but it got just as much air-time as PS3. So, it's hard to tell.

Like they said upstage, Sony's VITA main parters are going to be the indies who make cool s*** and like I said Japan will be there too.

GdaTyler1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Nice story bro. We all care.

refocusedman1650d ago ShowReplies(2)
Badnik1650d ago

Better be more than that Sony, come on!

LOGICWINS1650d ago

Yeah, the best thing I heard was the Walking Dead Bundle. Hopefully, that GTAV Vita side story game is real.

kneon1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

They've already shown or announced 36 games and it's not even one hour in. Maybe the 50 game rumor is true. And that doesn't include the 20 unnamed first party exclusives in development.

The_Blue1650d ago ShowReplies(1)
cpayne931650d ago

How about more exclusives. Hope they announce some new ones today, the only one of those I'm interested in is ffx.

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The story is too old to be commented.