Xbox Brings the Games: Thoughts on Microsoft's E3 Conference

gamrReview's Jake Weston: "Microsoft’s E3 presentation didn’t clear up any anxieties or uncertainties surrounding Xbox One’s DRM or its stance against used games, which will likely remain an ominous shadow over everything surrounding the system until its launch this Fall. The official price, a whopping $499, didn’t help much either. However, with a dedicated focus on “core” games, and a surprising lack of Kinect, Microsoft’s E3 conference showed that it’s going to take games seriously in the future. The Xbox One has had its fair share of controversies in its short time in the public consciousness, but hopefully lack of quality games won’t be one of them."

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mazestar1836d ago

they don't care about the customers they care about them selves money hungry dogs...theres hidden fees every time you say Xbox on

Belking1836d ago

Stop hating. MS brought the games. The whole show was focused on games and you still complain.

Trekster_Gamer1836d ago

Yes unlike Sony and Nintendo who's sole purpose it to make games out of the kindness of there heart!

I do really like that one Xbox live gold account will allow multiplayer for all accounts on the box.

Ray1861836d ago

MS was just T-Bagged by Sony.

Legion1836d ago

And as usual... while T-Bagging... Sony will get shot in the head.

badkolo1836d ago

not sure whjat your drinking, sony's show was boring and all multi games and the features are bland compared to xbox1, the drm is so miniscule that it means nothing and i would be worried why the ps3 is cheap, maybe not that powerful compared to the xbox 1.

FrigidDARKNESS1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

Reports out at e sony refuses to open the ps4 to show off the sleek thin design means a smaller power supply and cooling fans. From my many years of selling hi end electronics the rule of thumb is the bigger the power supply the bette. All xibox one games are required to run on DX-11.1 or 11.5 with upgrades to DX shader model 6 in 2014 the conference was awesome and games looked polished and impressive.

reko1835d ago

ms dude wheres the link?