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Rikitatsu3712d ago

But it least we got it anyway


Cwalat3712d ago

what the Hell?

it doesn't look mindblowing to me a bit, but ill wait for a closer look and HD version before i decide..

predator3712d ago

OMG yes!!!!!

did you see how they died, maybe thats some indication of what they are, it already looks amazing and it no where near out yet, RESI 5 FTW

Rikitatsu3712d ago

Even the Enemies animation when they fall haven't changed

RE5 without Shinji Mikami = Bad

Baba19063712d ago

looks way better than RE4 , i think. i just started playing RE4 and it is a lot of fun i must say. im really looking forward to RE5

predator3712d ago

well your watching a different verison cos if you think thats resi 4 in HD then you need to go to specksavers.

Of course its will have some of the same gameplay mechanics as resi 4, why change a winning formula, MGS4 will have the same gameplay mechanics as the others just updated.

Again go to specksavers

mighty_douche3712d ago

Resi 4 in HD??

Isnt that exactly what the PC version of Resi 4 was? And that didnt look close to Resi 5.

Anyway, you cant tell squat from an off screen video of a build thats a year before release.

Altis13712d ago

Then MSG4 is MGS2 in HD.

sonarus3712d ago

@Altis why be an idiot, Who is drawing comparisons between RE and MGS.

Anyway it does have that next gen look. But it is essentially still RE4 in a new dress. Vid didn't excite me too much

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mighty_douche3712d ago

the developer had both a PS and 360 pad set up. They're obviously taking both platforms seriously!


Watkins3712d ago

BUt then again, not .. They were playing on the x360, which further proves what they're mainly working on, and what we all already knew ... :(

MisfitSmurf3712d ago

yeah i was happy to see that as well

just cause they show them playing on teh 360 verison doesnt mean thats the console there mainly focusing on they could just have been working on that part of the game for the 360

Iamback3712d ago

Game is coming out this year in October according to one and only GamesBlow

mighty_douche3712d ago

Oh ill put the money aside now if its gamesblow information...

pfft... i doubt Capcom even know quite when its done, let alone gamesblow

Iamback3712d ago

I am srry you are on my ignore list so, i cant really replay, this is just to let you know not to bother in future

dantesparda3712d ago

We know its you, its so obvious.

Nodoze3712d ago

I agree with Riki. The enemies have the EXACT same animations as in RE4. I sincerely hope that those are placeholders, as it looked we were watching RE4...with different colored enemies. The walking animations were exact, the waving of the blades exact, even the way they fall down. The only new component was the muck that was created.

It looked good, but I am now a bit concerned that this will be a spit shined RE4 with MANY recycled components.

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The story is too old to be commented.