Microsoft Conference Review // E3 2013

Spawnd: Going into E3 Microsoft clearly stated that this time “it’s all about the games.”
For a company with a hardware release coming Fall, you could expect that to be hyperbole… Nope…

Their console talk lasted only moments and was book ended with Metal Gear Solid V, and an onslaught of impressive looking games. It may actually be difficult for the internet to complain about this show (though I’m sure they’ll find a way). Firstly they showed the new Xbox 360 model available as of today, which as rumored, is much smaller and fits aesthetically into the One’s design. This has been expected by most in games journalism, and is most likely Microsoft’s answer to backwards compatibility. Following this announcement Microsoft quickly discussed their plans to follow Playstations idea of giving free games to premium users; starting with the newest and hottest games on the market like Halo 3, and Assassins Creed II (See, I told you the internet would find a way to complain).

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Krosis1988d ago

A fairly strong conference. However costing more money than the PS4 is a deal breaker for many. I have yet to see an exclusive that convinces me that I need an Xbox One or a PS4. The multiplats got the most attention and I'll be playing those on my PC as usual. P.S: 343 just can't do Halo...a poncho? Really? I miss Bungie. Destiny will hopefully be awesome but there will never be another "Halo".

greenpowerz1988d ago

Yeah we don't know what MSFT will offer when it comes to price.

Xbox 360 can be purchased for $99 with a payment plan.

My guess is they will offer XB1 for $250 and a XBL Gold deal.

3-4-51988d ago

Sony = A

Microsoft = B

Nintendo = ? Let's be realistic..we aren't going to see the crazy graphics of PS4/XB1.

Those consoles won't have 3D Mario, Legend of Zelda U & WW HD, Super Smash Brothers, or Mario Kart all which are awesome games regardless of graphics.

So yea I expect Nintendo to be in the B- to B + range in terms of overall Conference/Direct.

Jockamo1988d ago

wat nintendo conference

3-4-51988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@ kros technically there will be another but yea certain series are ingrained into people's memories and it's a part of their lives.

Krosis1988d ago

I agree 100% regarding Halo. However, as a neutral party, I felt MS had a better conference than Sony (regardless of the actual machines). I felt Sonys was predominantly boring. I'd reverse your scores if it were me. But, opinions differ--something that doesn't seem to compute on N4G lol

Honestly I think the DRM thing is being blown way out of proportion. I feel both consoles will sell well and be neck and neck again (IMHO)--something,really, as gamers we should all hope for. Failing companies is bad for our hobby--I hope Nintendo recovers. As for the schmucks on this site cheering on an Xbox failure...well, you can't keep all 10 year olds off the internet.

I am surprised however at the lack of remarks about the MS inclusion of Bluray--no more multi-discs and something that "Sony loyalists" yaked about for a decade. I know I sound abrasive but I just wish there was a game site to simply celebrate GAMES and not have to sift through these sad, pizza-faced tirades in the comments section about how "mine is better than yours!"...A sense of belonging when it comes to electronics is profoundly sad.

Loki861988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Sony gets a C from me MS gets a B+, the price point and DRM the only redeeming factors for Sony. Very concerned with all the lag and freezing on multiplats. They had to end the AC4 demo early and replace the console. TitanFall and Destiny stole the show, so at this point it's X1 for me.

ThatsGaming1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Sony dragged for the first 35 mins... Gamers seem to care about music and videos all of a sudden. To me, its all about the games.

Sony B+, Microsoft A...

Ryse and The Order sawed off
Sunset Overdrive and Infamous sawed off
Quantum Break was very interesting
Killer Instinct was unanswered
Titanfall out did Killzone
Forza 5 out did Drive Club
Deadrising 3 was unanswered
FF XIV was unanswered

Hard to say which indie titles will be full fledged PSN/XBLA titles having achievements/trophies and which ones will not. Edge definitely Sony though...

All the rest looked multiplatform with exclusive add-ons which really don't sway me.

Jockamo1988d ago

Do you think MS will bounce back when these games come to fruition?

ABizzel11988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Sony has too many games to show in one sitting, and they have 3 consoles to support unlike MS who have dropped first party dev support from the 360 and focused completely on the X1. Not to mention Sony has annual conference at Gamescon and TGS which generally has new exclusives and well as more reveals for other games; whereas, MS and Nintendo usually don't.

Here's a list of PlayStation exclusives / console exclusives / HD remakes coming this year alone.

The Last of Us, Beyond 2: Souls, GT6, Drive Club, Knack, InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Killzone Mercenaries, Tearaway, God of War HD1 & 2 Vita,
Final Fantasy X HD & X2 HD, Flower Vita, Dead Nation Vita, Puppeteer, Diablo 3, Rain, Dragon's Crown, Warrior's Lair, Kingdom Hearts HD Remix, at least 12 indie games, and multiple PC games coming exclusively to PS4, as well as a range MMO's and Free 2 Play games.

The games are there, but for some reason they decided not to show them.

And there are too many games coming out this holiday season, so it was wise of Sony to keep it's first parties out of the mush up, and let them shine next year when PS360 development drops significantly in favor of PS4 and X1, if they are successful.

koolaid2511988d ago

TitanFall I have to play it it looks like Call of Duty/Halo/Mechtech Warrior