Battlefield 3 Close Quaters DLC being given away for free

To celebrate the unveiling of Battlefield 4 and the 1 billion hours of Battlefield 3, the Close Quarters DLC is being given away for free to anyone that plays Battlefield 3.

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Lockon1893d ago

I may not even buy BF4 premium. I bought Bf3 at launch for 64 dollars and premium for 49.99. Thats over 100 dollars. A couple months later they decide to sell the "Premium version" for 59.99.

Pandamobile1893d ago

Things get cheaper as time goes on. Go figure?

HammadTheBeast1893d ago

Well, as of now its 2 for 1 on PS3 with game sharing. Dunno if that'll change, but I pitched in $20 with a friend and we both got it.

Nafon1893d ago

You can buy premium edition for $20 on Pc right now

dantesparda1893d ago

You can get premium for $25 on ps3

Ducky1893d ago

The maps are alright, but the real biggie here is the weapons that come with the DLC.
My favorite weapons are pretty much all from CQ aside for the AS Val.

ThatCanadianGuy5141893d ago

Nice.It's actually the only DLC i didn't buy haha.Time to jump back in the battlefield

KwietStorm1893d ago

lol so a year and a half later, they give away the worst DLC pack of the bunch. Well it's free anyway.

SignifiedSix911893d ago

Why does it have to be the crappiest of all DLCs?

I couldn't stand close quarters.

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