GT5 Prologue already has an update

Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue has been given early to some websites and it seems that there is already a patch available. Geekpulp writes:

"You can imagine my excitement after being given access to download a copy of GT5 Prologue to review. After getting myself comfortable in preparation for a few hours of solid racing, my excitement was stopped dead in it's tracks. The game downloaded pretty darn quick for 1.9BG (about 90 minutes on my weak connection), but after starting up the game I am prompted to perform a game update."

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novaIS3503617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Is it just me or are bloggers/game sites extremely whiny? They whine about everything. "OMG I have to peel the plastic off the box to play the game", or, "OMG they released a patch to make the game better." Boo Hoo you babies. OMG I have to wait 15 minutes to play a game with less load times, let me whine about it for 3 months straight... OMG OMG OMG.

shine13963617d ago

bubbles for you. because I agree.

jeenyus3617d ago


They just need stuff to fill their blog with.
OMG another entry !!11 LOL... That kind of stuff.

Exhaust3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I agree but like jeenyus said they gotta fill those blogs somehow.

They're all trying to be controversial and "opinionated" to get hits.

Not a huge racing game fan but I'm excited to play this game.

mattnz3617d ago

and it did the same thing, I couldn't get the update download to work for ages until I got a new router, now it works fine. I'm thinking of getting the PAL version from PSN though, does anyone know if my JAP game save will work with the PAL version?

Jack Meahoffer3617d ago

Thats what you get with a free service. Garbage. It NEVER works on day one.

PSN is going to choke under the pressure of GTA IV and MGS4. Wait and see.

360sucks3617d ago

dont be mad psn is better than xboxlag service

butterfinger3617d ago

he will cry and PM you and when he gets owned, he'll block you from sending him anymore PMs... haha... the kid is a total joke, don't let him fool you.

Jack Meahoffer3617d ago

Once again you call people names without debating the actual issues being discussed. Thats all you can do. Whats the point in continuing to go round in circles with you name calling arse on PM? You NEVER address one topic all you do is come up with new stupid 10 year names to call people.

If we wanted your opinion we'd ask Sony because you have no mind of your own. You just repeat the talking points of Sony press releases and fanboys. Come at me when you grow up and bit and can make a point. I may be a fanboy but atleast I make a point instead of just calling people names.

You sir... FAIL AGAIN.

butterfinger3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I'm pretty sure anyone that can read can see that I didn't call you any names in that post, but you opened up with the clever "buttfinger" just as you did in your ridiculous PMs that you get owned so bad on that you are scared to let people to respond to. lol.

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