New Mirror’s Edge Game Is Officially A Prequel

NoSleepGamer writes: UPDATE: We can confirm via a press release that the game will indeed be a reboot origins story: “The new Mirror’s Edge reboots the franchise for the next generation with advanced visuals and an all-new origin story for Faith.”

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DarkBlood1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

so mirror edge one is erased then?

edit: nvm its a prequal but the word reboot has me concern story wise beacause of the first game

Mr_Nuts1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I hate prequels, they are pointless

Alright for spin off games for handhelds but not main games, it just comes off as lazy, like you can't think of a way to take the story forward and you can't stick to what you created in the first place.

Mirrors Edge is amazing, I don't see why the can't just move it forward

Mr_Nuts1840d ago

Donnieboi - How is that "crying", it's a commenting website I'm commenting.

This is why people don't like to express themselves on these kind of sites because people like you always have to be dicks when replying to someone because you don't like their opinion.

Don't like it, don;t reply....honestly. Are you really telling me EA couldn't just continue from the first one they created.

Jeez ¬¬

infamous-butcher1840d ago

So you'd rather they never made MGS3 then? What are you on mate.

Mr_Nuts1840d ago

As I've said before lots of times on here, MGS3 is different because we needed to learn who Big Boss was to understand MGS4. It was needed and it wasn't a reboot either.

Mirrors Edge is different because they already had a great game, backstory, character development...why not go from where the last game took off.

Now as for MGSV as another's pushing it.

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Relientk771840d ago

Looking forward to it

it looks boss

Arietos1840d ago Show
evil_element1840d ago

What was wrong with the 1st?

Veni Vidi Vici1840d ago

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So underrated. Just needed tweaking on combat and perhaps multiple ways of getting through a level.

Inception1840d ago

There's a couple of flaw with the 1st, but it still can improve with a sequel. So i don't understand why the hell they need to reboot this?!

ironfist921840d ago

This is a prequel, yet she looks alot older than in ME1

tdogchristy901840d ago

While this does seem concerning it could be just this... That the first was so long ago released that they are starting fresh so as to flesh out a full story arch (trilogy?) over the entirety of this console cycle?

SemRex1840d ago

I can appreciate that. I never actually played the first one, only the demo. So rebooting the story is fine by me.

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