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Is The Last of Us Fun? And Does the Hardcore Community Matter? Sessler's ...Something

This week on Sessler's ...Something, E3 is here! But Adam still wants to talk about The Last of Us, and specifically is the game fun? Does it NEED to be fun? Also, Adam answers your queston about much the hardcore gamers' opinion matters in the next-gen (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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mafiahajeri  +   816d ago
Playing it now and its a blast! :D Dare I say better than Uncharted 2 so far.
BeAGamer  +   816d ago
adam sessler? Zzzzz
HammadTheBeast  +   816d ago
He's actually not that bad once you get over the God of War trophy thing which he overreacted towards.
snipermk0  +   816d ago
lol really? What did he do/say?
greatcrusader44  +   816d ago

He was one of the more memorable people against God of War's Bros before Hoes trophy and saying it was sexist.
HammadTheBeast  +   816d ago
Yes, and... sure.
TheComedian  +   816d ago
Ohh my Sessler still has a valid opinion?
hulk_bash1987  +   816d ago
Nothing can make me forget about TLOU release. The PS4 & Xbox One can come out on that day and I would give two sh**s. June 14th is gonna be epic.
bohemian 23  +   816d ago
Holy $#it? A John Zorn reference? Maybe he's not such a bad guy after all. Wonder if he's a Faith No More fan?
kevnb  +   816d ago
the gamespot review seems to actually show what the game is like, the only one that does. You might not agree with the score, but all the other reviews I have seen are bs.
Ezz2013  +   816d ago
dude give it up already
i have seen you in alot of TLOU reviews always bashing the game with your stealth trolling

GS is the one BS review with that 3 minutes video for 18+ hours game lol

i have the game and almost finished it
the AI is incredible and best i have seen in any video game
and every review said that already...you need to excpet it

the so called "AI issus" you keep say are that enemy's AI don't notice Ellie untill you pick a fight with them
that was ND choice because they didn't want the game to feel like an escort mission and they didn't want ellie to break joel stealth
that was smart from ND ....and that's why the get this praise from every one

and this ND comment on that
""""& quot ;""Hey thanks for the question; someone downvoted you but I countered!
That was absolutely intentional, and it was a very hard decision to make. As Sessler and a few other reviews pointed out, the alternative would be extremely infuriating. We are trying to make a game where stealth is an important aspect, and we knew we wouldn't be able to guarantee the buddy AI would be able to stay hidden as well as the player. If the buddies were seen by enemies, it would be extremely frustrating.
The buddy AI was actually what I have spent the last four months or so writing, and I think we did a good job of making them seem believable. Ellie will stick in cover with you and hunker under your protective arm, and she is good at keeping up with you.
The best thing is that because the AI is emergent, the playthroughs will be different for everyone, and different on successive playthroughs.""& quot ;""""

and that's the only thing that GS's Tom cried about
other than that the game is pure gold
and yes the best game of this gen

BTW i don't think you even own ps3
you just love to troll it articles and i know it kills you that this game have 96% metascore which no xbox game ever done that
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Corpser  +   815d ago
Xbox games

Gta4 - 98
Bioshock -96
Mass effect 2 -96
Skyrim -96
Orange box - 96
GDDR6_2014  +   815d ago
Are you a kid? If you are I apologize but if you are not... Did you think people are jealous you have a $200 console? That's just sad
Ezz2013  +   815d ago

hmmm, non of them are xbox exclusives ..and that's was my point no xbox exclusive have ever done that

hmmm, no i'm not a kid ....but be kind and go read his comment history before you attack me and insult me like that and you will know why i replay to him like that
he go to every TLOU article or review to bash it
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kevnb  +   815d ago
there's a lot of articles about the game lately, and I didn't realize bashing reviews for not being informative was bashing a game. I don't really care about metascores, I don't know why anybody does. If it was a movie or music nobody would ever dare bring up review scores, but those reviews should at least tell us about the product properly. Imagine a review for a movie that says the movie is really awesome, has great acting, great story, and you have to watch it.. and doesn't say anything else.
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MasterD919  +   815d ago
Sessler actually tends to speak for the little guy. I won't say I worship his comments, but sometimes they are more than what they seem.
kevnb  +   815d ago
he tries, he is honest, and he speaks well... but I find him to be an annoying idiot. At least he is genuine.

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