Is The Last of Us Fun? And Does the Hardcore Community Matter? Sessler's ...Something

This week on Sessler's ...Something, E3 is here! But Adam still wants to talk about The Last of Us, and specifically is the game fun? Does it NEED to be fun? Also, Adam answers your queston about much the hardcore gamers' opinion matters in the next-gen

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mafiahajeri1533d ago

Playing it now and its a blast! :D Dare I say better than Uncharted 2 so far.

HammadTheBeast1533d ago

He's actually not that bad once you get over the God of War trophy thing which he overreacted towards.

snipermk01533d ago

lol really? What did he do/say?

greatcrusader441533d ago


He was one of the more memorable people against God of War's Bros before Hoes trophy and saying it was sexist.

TheComedian1533d ago

Ohh my Sessler still has a valid opinion?

hulk_bash19871533d ago

Nothing can make me forget about TLOU release. The PS4 & Xbox One can come out on that day and I would give two sh**s. June 14th is gonna be epic.

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