Sony slips LTH Blu-ray recordable disc support in 2.20 PS3 update

Engadget HD writes: "While BD-Live got the majority of the attention in the PlayStation 3's 2.20 firmware update, it appears Sony has made another important addition by implementing support for cheaper organic dye-based LTH (Low to High) Blu-ray recordable discs. These version 1.2 BD-R's, announced back in September, are manufactured with a different process that allows plants to upgrade CD and DVD equipment more easily. Existing Blu-ray players can't read the discs, which debuted in Japan last month, without a firmware update. Sony Japan's upgrade web site notes the new support, confirmed by AV Watch."

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mighty_douche3680d ago

Could they release this firmware update on a disc (CDR or something) to people with exsisting stand alones?

actas1233680d ago

Good idea. Sony should do that.

GutZ313680d ago

Its not going to happen, unfortunately.
Although, it may come on a game disk much like GT5 Proluge.

Updates are handled in many ways, but wasting CDs just on firmware alone is kind of pushing it.

ar3680d ago

If the player supports firmware upgrading via disc.

actas1233680d ago

Considering the number of standalone BR players out there, I think its doable.

mighty_douche3680d ago

Cheers chaps!

@GutZ31, dude how much do you think a million cdr's cost the BDA? I mean i can get them for 6 pence each. This tech could save them huge amounts of money when your pumping out millions of disc's.

Just a few old outdated blu-ray players in the market means they could never use these cheaper disc's as a standard, almost making them pointless, apart from maybe ps3 games.

I couldnt see this costing them to much, probably less than an ad compaign, maybe im wrong but it seems like the smart thing to do.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi 33680d ago

The PS3 gets Better & Better all the time;)

MURKERR3680d ago

you sound surprised surely you should have known about this feature?

actas1233680d ago

Good news for all PS3 owners.

Phil Harrison Mkllll3680d ago

When is xBox360's Blu-ray update coming??? ;-D

bootsielon3680d ago

Xtards were always touting that Blu-ray needed new facilities, but they were so wrong...

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