Review: Alien Breed (DarkZero)

"Alien Breed is a series of games that started on the Amiga in 1991, and now, over twenty years later, the original classic has been remastered and updated with a few new extras. It’s the year 2191 and specialist I.P.C agents Stone and Johnson are sent on a series of missions to derelict space stations, to learn what they can about the experiments that were taking place. They must kill the monstrosities that have been created, thus containing the outbreak and not letting it spread throughout the now colonised galaxies. The story is like an 80s sci-fi action flick but does the job of explaining the player’s motivation simply and quickly. Clearly taking a lot of inspiration from the popular Alien franchise, Alien Breed is an arcade-like, top-down, 2D run-and-gun game consisting of the original six levels, twelve stages from the expanded 1992 version, and twelve completely new stages for a total of thirty levels." (DarkZero)

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