Resident Evil 5 Gameplay screen from Capcom DVD and New info

From NeoGAF

"I have the DVD and am watching it now.

"Ever since the dawn of time,
the most primordial human emotion has been...

The DVD starts with footage of the original RE.
In RE2, the battle against Umbrella unfolded as Raccoon City died.
In 3, an incessant hunter pursued Jill Valentine.
In the deserted island of Rockfort, more mysteries unfolded in CODE: Veronica.
Convict Billy Coen was an unexpected ally in Zero.
And in a village infected with madness, Leon rescued the president's daughter in 4...

The series was introduced in 1996 and broke sales records."

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and to read the rest of the info enter this link

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mighty_douche3737d ago

Someone will rip the video of the DVD soon enough.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3737d ago

Thanks for that link, I missed it to.

MADGameR3736d ago

360 fans are lucky to even get this game AND Resident Evil 4 Classic Edition!

Phil Harrison Mkllll3737d ago

They're doing it for the xFolp 360 to! :-/
Just think if it was PS3 only and they could fill up that Next-Gen Blu-ray disc of 50GB of stuff;-P
But we have to have cut-backs(like for GTA4)because of
Stup*d xFlops 360's Last-gen technology! :-/
Oh well RE6 should be PS3 only+GTA5!!! ;-D

OpiZA3737d ago

You lost me at xFolp.

At least it's in the right Zone.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

As usual the PS3 vs 360 vids will favor the 360, with better framerate and graphics. XD

I love messing with Droid.

Phil Harrison Mkllll3736d ago

I'm just seeing if you lot can read!!! ;-D

carl ps33736d ago

They should just do it for xbox 360
Last gen-game 4 Last gen-console! :D
+Don't worry Phil:) The xBots made a bigger mistake
i.e they bought a xbox 360!:D

Radiomorph3736d ago

I think it's so lame that the bodies dissolve. Aren't we past that yet?!

Blademask3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

No offense, but we aren't going to get a bigger and better Resident Evil. This is one of the few titles that should use multiple discs and bluray. Resident Evil is supposed to be huge.

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