Battlefield 4 - Multiplayer 'Commander' E3 Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "DICE and Electronic Arts have released a new Multiplayer E3 trailer for Battlefield 4. This new trailer showcases the Commander mode that has been implemented in it. The Commander ‘class’ / role will let players take point and turn the tide of battle. Commanders will be able to command the battlefield, deploy gunship strikes and launch missile strikes."

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RM-TatoTiburon1809d ago

64 players, 60fps, hopping 1080p...can't wait for this game in xbox one

King-u-mad1809d ago

Only a casual gamer will purchase the xbox one. It clearly was made for them. But for the people who actually give a flying cahoot about games will either get a ps4 or build a PC. Period xD

3-4-51809d ago

Where is the 64 player live footage they showed during the conference ?

I can't find it anywhere but it's the best footage by far and the only stuff that matters since it's actually in game.

solar1809d ago

anyone else notice how tiny that map seemed to be? :( not good

Pandamobile1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

That was the opposite of what I was thinking. By the looks of it, we only saw like 1/4 of it.

solar1809d ago

that could be it mate. at least im hoping the maps arent small. but DICE hasnt disappointed me yet. hell ive been playing BC:2 lately and forgot how much fun that game was.


solidworm1809d ago

Mag did it first, good copy. Should make the chasm between BF and COD even wider.

King-u-mad1809d ago

you trollin bro. Battlefield did it long before mag was conceived into thought. Learn your gaming history :D

dontbhatin1809d ago

he meant showing live multiplayer match on stage.

Pandamobile1809d ago

Battlefield 1942 was unveiled with 64 players on stage on an air craft carrier. Battlefield isn't copying anything but their previous awesomeness.

sak5001809d ago

Did u just start gaming now for the first time on ps3? Do you even know there was BF1942, BFvietnam, BF2, BF2142 even before MAG was conceived? BF series defined the military vehicular based online MP gaming on PC and BF2 before the current gen consoles introduced commander mode which for you is copied from MAG, the game which has copied most from all the games I mentioned above.

AllroundGamer1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

don't know why they removed it in BF3, but it seems they figured it out, that it was a bad idea.

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