Eurogamer: Magic Made Fun Review

Eurogamer writes: "There are two types of people when it comes to magic tricks. (Well, three - there's those miserable sods who don't enjoy them at all, but we'll ignore them for now). The first sees a trick, is baffled by it, and feels entertained by the mystery. The second sees a trick, is baffled by it, and must know how it is done at all costs.

That second group might seem like the unlucky one. To be able to take pleasure from the mystery - that's a moment of pure joy. But needing to know how isn't necessarily a bad thing. For the first group, finding out how a trick is done is to destroy it, because the reality is that most tricks are horribly simple and disappointing. But for the second group, the simplicity is the joy - the execution, the technique and the process of being fooled - that's a beautiful thing. I'm firmly in that second group - if I see a trick I'm not only not happy until I know how it's done, but not until I've learned how to perform it myself. It's to the second group that Magic Made Fun is aimed. It's the first group who buyers should aim to impress."

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