Why Japanese RPGs Suck

Spending a childhood playing JRPGs has given me a great respect for them, but I'm not a child anymore and the games haven't grown up with me. I can't help but feel let down by almost every new game that fails to evolve and consider something new - say, having a hero who doesn't use a sword (gunblades count as swords).

Through the years, I've become mature, wiser and incredibly good looking, while JRPGs still have the same happy-go-lucky idiots running headlong into the same obvious fortresses of evil. Before you start moaning about how a great formula is great because it can endure the test of time, read my reasons that JRPGs suck. After that, go ahead and gripe if you think fixing these concerns wouldn't make JRPGs even better (babies).

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3649d ago

Although Final Fantasy sucks, but I always hated that back from the Nintendo days. Japanese RPGs can be hard to follow, because of poor translation, and the turn based could go the way of the Dodo. Japanese RPGs just need a fresh restart, and a new idea here and there.

omoshiroi3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

As for JRPG, they BLOW away western RPG's and that's a fact. It's fantasy, age is not an issue if a story is great. Hell, Legend of Zelda link to the past on the SNES is still possibly the greatest rpg I ever played and some people may say "Oh , that's for kids..."
Well I call BS.
Jason above me is a terrible 360 bot that trolls n4g allot, and also probably thinks FAILURE...I mean FABLE is a decent RPG.
Final Fantasy sucks? please fanboy, go to the open zone and talk about fable and halo with mart and the rest of em.

All the X-kids took my bubbles. But I keep telling it like it is.

Omoshiroi, keeping up the good fight against 360 fanboys and trolls.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3649d ago

My comment had nothing to do with the PS3, only Nintendo was mentioned. Didn't say anything about Fable ether, and I'm not a fan of Fable.

Actualy, it's your comment that needs to go ---> that way, I just defended Japanese RPGs.


mikeslemonade3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


You did not defend the Japanese RPG. You bashed the Japanese RPG stereotypes.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Turn based? I would call 99% turn based a pretty sure thing.

Would you call Japanese to American translation's as "done right" should I remind you of poor Metal Gear or Final Fantasy translations.

No your pissed because I said Final Fantasy sucks, and you Sony fans "think" Final Fantasy started on the Playstation, when it started on Nintendo.

My kind of RPG is Diablo. Turn based is for text loving Dungeons and Dragons (books) early 90's PC/Nintendo/Sega RPG fans, that have no skill in thinking fast. You need the action slowed down so you can think about what giant crab you should kill first. You need to stop and go through an entire menu of power ups and magical items before you can even make one sword strike. Then it's the games turn to move, you take 45 minutes for one battle with two forest goblins so you can lute their body's for green fairy crystals. All so you can open the gates to giant turtle ghost forest and find the magical blue mushroom bow. You use the bow so you can kill the demon ghost on candy rock mountain... The End.

Japanese RPG's have great stories (when told right), great characters, entertaining movies to watch, but the combat system is old and, turn based "take turns gameplay" just plain sucks.

You can have Final Fantasy, I'll take Oblivion.

Dark_Overlord3649d ago

"Turn based is for text loving RPG fans"

Not necessarily, i think turn based RPG's require a lot more strategy. So whereas you may not like going through menus to setup characters and attack I actually enjoy doing it, it adds more depth to the game. Without a good strategy in some turn based RPG's, you may as well give up before you start ie Shin Megami Tensei games

thewhoopimen3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Actually as great as I thought Oblivion's design was, I thought it was very flawed as well. When I played Oblivion, I hated the fact that the game punished you for being an explorer. By the time I visited all the towns and passed by the 10th ruins for the umpteenth time, I had like a 100+ quests that I had trouble scrolling through. I loved the graphics but hated the first person perspective and fighting. The D&D like spells blew chunks and basically told you to pick up a sword instead. Finally, the game was impossible if you leveled up too quickly with the wrong majors or minors. I had to go back and read a couple of FAQs just to figure out why I had to run in circles for 10 minutes trying to kill enemies with my spells.

I think in terms of Storytelling, JPRGs are a much better bet still. Oblivion's story was kind of bland. You are right about the JRPG gameplay, though I hardly think Oblivion applies as a sure-fire winner. I think the Witcher does a much better job, though again spells are just simple affairs with tacked on +dmg stats.

ruibing3649d ago

The FF series is always coming up with fresh new gameplay mechanics. If you just look through the FF Retrospective on GameTrailers, you would know this.

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picker3323649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The ff game play kind of suck,like turn based system.

But the stories is another thing.

Although if you get use to the turnbase stuff you may think it''s fun,
but i never get use to it,too bad,i really want to like the gameplay as much as the story.

Merovee3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I love RPG's, I don't mind turn based, I like action ones too, ATB wasn't bad either.....basically just don't expect to hand me the same thing time after time, I think thats why I like FF games, every game changes the gameplay and systems, figuring it all out well becomes it's own challenge.

I think this guy is just angry because he has no sense imagination and like all his favorite Holly Wood movies feels the plot should have an easily defined start-middle-conclusion format that his inept logic can follow.

ps360s3649d ago

I love my JRPG's it doesnt suck then it doesnt suck now!!!

That hurt me :( lol

well his opinion...I mean like everyone has their opinion.

To me I stil love my JRPG till this day

Noodlecup3649d ago

could be first person and involve button mashing, auto-aim and "WICKED-COOL EXPLOSIONS YEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!" then it'd all be better /sarcasm

I like turn based combat, it involves more strategy and requires more intelligence than swinging a sword at an enemy for 10 seconds. This generation of gamers are too crappy to play anything that involves skill

RPGs must have hack and slash gameplay
Shooters must have crappy regenerating health system
Shooters must have sticky aim
etc etc

Get some cajones and give me a game I can't play in my sleep.

Baba19063649d ago

i love jrpg, i love ff, i love it all. I canr agree with this text at all. i love all the negativ stuff he talks about. Zidane in ff9? awsome. long clips? awsome. Stadart magic elementals like fire ice and earth? well how about a firtperson shooter without a gun 0o, or a car game with horses 0o.

if you dont like jrpg than let it go.

evilbubble3649d ago

I do believe that JRPG is using the same formula over and over again. Some are amazing but many are just a recycled game. Lack of innovation. At least from what I can tell from JRPGs that made it into English.

Uninspired monsters is my biggest turn off for any RPG, either Western or Japanese. Monsters like big giant frog, big giant rat, big giant chicken, big giant goo, big giant wolf, big giant bird and big giant etc etc. And we have to fight those about 1 million times. Can't they give us something better?