Game Revolution: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Review

Game Revolution writes: "Is it me or do the characters in Square Enix games keep getting younger and younger? I mean, I'm used to Final Fantasy heroes looking like high school sophomores, but in the opening sequence of FF: Ring of Fates, we meet a grizzled old warrior (probably ancient at 23-years old or so) doling out words of wisdom to what appears to be a pair of five-year olds. When he's done talking, he hands the little imps a hatchet and tells them to go run off and play with it. Seriously, any game that starts out with two five-year-olds fighting over a rusty hatchet has got to be good.

And, for the most part, Ring of Fates delivers on that promise. Rarely are game franchises so successful that they can take place in multiple universes, but Final Fantasy is the Thundaga of the RPG world. Ring of Fates is set in the Crystal Chronicles sub-universe and is populated by the stalwart Clavats, the childlike Lilties, the masked Yukes, and the feral Selkies. The storyline centers around our cleaver-wielding toddlers Yuri and Chelinka, Clavat twins who can harness the energies of mysterious and powerful crystals. Together, the duo to learn their own history, defeat the forces of evil, and, you know, kill lots of things."

+ Good graphics and action
+ Fun writing
+ Cool moves
- Laggy multiplayer
- Flawed spell stacking

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