Kuma Kreations Ent Thoughts on The E3 Microsoft Showcase.

Coming from Both Kuma and Spartan: What is going on gamers and welcome to KKEnt's after thoughts of what went on at the Microsoft conference at E3. First off I would like to say, wow they actually show a lot of great games, hell they actually showed games! I am floored how powerful the this conference was. I left the Xbox 360 for a full year now and what I saw with Titanfall, Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5 and of course the best announcement ever with Killer Instincts exclusive which honestly sucks. That is a good and bad thing because I would rather have Killer Instincts for everyone and this will piss off a lot of Sony supporters, however it is still too soon and we shall see what happens before the fall. Now right now everyone is blasting the interwebs with the uproar price of the Xbox One being marked at $499, okay I was going to defend that price a bit, but I found out the launch price for the 360 was $399.99. Honestly the system does a lot more now, so I am still...

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