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Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay trailer for Batman Arkham origins E3 2013! (Batman: Arkham Origins, E3, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update The Trailer was taken down by WB, but can be found by following the link to the story. http://www.arkhamverse.com/...

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Venox2008  +   816d ago
I dont know, it looks alright, dont know if its gonna surpass Rocksteady, but time will tell i guess...
plaZeHD  +   816d ago
Love the new Batman voice, not as good as Convoy, but still very very very good. And Troy Baker is doing an amazing job as always.
BabyTownFrolics  +   816d ago
looks fun
jc48573  +   816d ago
we still need to see more gameplay.
Sketchy_Galore  +   816d ago
I like the idea of the assassins out to collect the price on Batman's head but I still wish his outfit was a little more primitive to make it feel more like the early years. The game itself looks like more of the same which to be honest, just this once as a big Batfan, I might be okay with. Absolutely just this once though. If there's another prequel released after this I will not be buying.
Ezz2013  +   816d ago
well i'm sold....i'm just a batman fanboy ...i can't miss any of his games ...and this one looks cool...only time will tell if it going to top the other two batman games
Enemy  +   816d ago
Not developed by Rocksteady? Need to see some gameplay.
IllumMaster  +   816d ago
There's some in the trailer, otherwise there is supposed to be a live demo at the WB show at E3 tomorrow.
THE-COMMANDER  +   816d ago
I need a Real gameplay video!
Mikelarry  +   816d ago
not bad not bad atall. i will train my mind to hear conroy
Jagsrock  +   816d ago
I'm hyped for this! It looks pretty good, doesn't seem like too much of a departure from what rocksteady did, but that's not really a bad thing.
Mr_Nuts  +   816d ago
Meh, looks too similar to Arkham City and I'm not liking Troy Baker as the Joker <Eric Cartman> It's wrong...it's WRONNNG"
oIITSBIIo  +   816d ago
I'm disappointed =(
RavageX  +   816d ago
I am not sure what to think yet. Doesn't look bad but it's not hard to make trailers look good(for most companies).

Will keep an eye out.
InTheLab  +   816d ago
Why can't this be for next gen. After watching all of those new trailers...this gen (not counting TLoU and Beyond) looks old as hell....
Ausbo  +   816d ago
Does anyone know if its coming to next gen?
Ausbo  +   816d ago
Nevermind. Got it
CyrusLemont  +   816d ago
Sadly, it didn't look as dense as Arkham City. I think this should of been kept for release on PS4 and Xbox One to keep the density of AC in a larger world.

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