Starwars: Battlefront Announced, Teaser Trailer Revealed

MP1st - After rumors and speculation, EA today announced that DICE will be developing the brand-new Battlefront for next-gen consoles and PC.

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guitarded772009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )


I have followed this game for 6+ years. Every rumor, every bit of alpha footage, every time the game was killed.

On the LA forums we talked about a dream scenario of DICE making a SWBF game. It was an unrealistic dream scenario just one year ago. Now this...

I am beyond overjoyed.

Wenis2009d ago

Same here guitarded.. SWBF2 is probably my favorite game of all time and we've FINALLY got a sequel announced...

Wagz222009d ago

@Guitared I accidently disagreed cause of my dumb phone, I also have been following this game checking every few days on lol I'm so happy

HammadTheBeast2009d ago

Looked great. I just hope it stays the way it was.

2009d ago
Majin-vegeta2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Now i can die a happy man thank you!

@Below you know what i mean lol.


Wouldn't you wanna play the game first before you die?

GusBricker2009d ago

Now if we can only get KOTOR 3.

CaptainYesterday2009d ago

That would make me extremely happy :)

Agent_00_Revan2009d ago

Oh god yes! I'd poop my pants.

SJPFTW2009d ago

Yup I will take KOTOR and Jade Empire over Dragon Age and Mass Effect any day.

Blachek2009d ago

Definitely. I'd have a good laugh it was a MS exclusive, I hope it isn't though. I want the franchise to make enough money to stick around for a few more interations.

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dark-hollow2009d ago


LightSamus2009d ago

If this looks anything like Battlefield 4 does, I will die happy.

Lazyeye792009d ago

I just hope that it plays like the original two Battlefronts. None of this call of duty BS.

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The story is too old to be commented.