Evil Avatar: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "In our Army of Two review we talked about how the biggest problem that game had was that Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 was coming out right around the corner. Well, now that game is out and all I can say is that this game is several factors better than Army of Two on the single-player, multiplayer and co-op sections. Basically that means that this game simply leaves that game in the dust.

Before I get any further I need to say that I never played the original Rainbow Six Vegas. A while ago when Rainbow Six 3 came out on the Xbox and when the original Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the 360 came out I was honestly not impressed by either game and kind of swore off all the Clancy games outside of the Splinter Cell games which I still thoroughly enjoyed. Nick (bapenguin) said I should look into this game (as well as GRAW 2) and see if I enjoy it more than I did in the past. Right from the first mission I could tell that either my tastes have changed or Ubisoft Montreal made this series so much better than I last remember it."

The Good
+ The graphics
+ The co-op, although 2 player only, is top notch
+ The multiplayer is fun
+ You gain experience through both the single-player and online modes

The Bad
- Co-op story is only 2-player
- Only one person can command 2 AI soldiers in co-op

The Ugly
- The PS3 server problems at release

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