E3 2013 Microsoft Coverage and Thoughts

So Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. We have a love hate relation here. You come out with your Xbox One reveal last month and I hated it. Why? Because you all focused on how Xbox One was the best "cable box" and how sports is awesome but did little in terms of games.Then all the news about used game restrictions, Semi-always online functions, the Spying worries of a Kinect, etc but then you come to E3 and show me I was wrong till the end(You know what I mean if you seen the conference).

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xJumpManx1988d ago

Awesome show, I jsut got back from preordering my xbox one at gamestop.

domino53431988d ago

I will get the PS4 first but I am definitely gonna get the Xbox One. Thanks.

xJumpManx1988d ago

Yea I agree only opposite. I plan on getting both on launch days but I wanted the 360 more.

BattleReach1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I like cornflakes

Automatic791988d ago

I think from the small games( project spark, Below, D4) to the big games (Ryse, DeadRising 3, titanfall, Quantum Break). It really looks like MS is hearing the gamers. How about the announcment for Xbox 360, 2 free games every month for the Xbox 360. That is pretty big as well. Now Xbox live not only is going back to its element but also offers so much. Kudos to MS today

domino53431988d ago

Yeah. I knew that they definitely had to bring it for the conference due too all the bad press they been getting lately and they did great.

vizsual1988d ago

I have to say I was impressed. I'v stuck with Microsoft from the very beginning. This time around however I think Sony came in and punched them in the mouth and then dared them to do something and the response was less than what I was expecting. If the PS4 has a cheaper price point and some sleek design they will be declared the winner without even showing any games because the average reader on this site just follows the crowd. Sony is clearly in a position to take a huge jump in front of Microsoft. Curious to see how it all turns out. Great time for those of us who love games and the advancement of the technology that drives them.