Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Plants vs Zombies has officially been announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game is being developed by Popcam and will be published by EA. The game is a third-person action title.

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GentlemenRUs2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Sad that it's only for Xbox... It would have been perfect on PC and PS4/3 too!

One can hope though... One can hope...

Coming first to XBONE then to 360 later, Nothing about other platforms.
Hope that clears it up for you lot out there.

himdeel2011d ago

Ah man seriously only for Xbox One and Xbox :(

darthv722011d ago

interesting, different

mikeslemonade2011d ago

This game has exceeded my expectations and looks incredibly fun. The only console-nextgen for the Xbox-one i'm excited for so far.

Lucreto2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

He didn't say exclusive.

Microsoft is paying to say nothing about PS4. So we have to see in the offical press release.

GentlemenRUs2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Yet he made it out that it would only be on the XBOX systems.

It's an EA presentation, Not a Microsoft one so they would have said if it was on PC/PS.


Coming onto XBONE first, Then 360 later but nothing about PC/PS.

morganfell2011d ago

If you remember the remarks made by CBOAT then you know unless they said exclusive then it isn't exclusive.

Lucreto2011d ago

On EA's Page it says

Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One

No mention of PS4 yet.

I can't link it I get a "Comment looks like spam" error.

Transporter472011d ago

All he said was coming FIRST

2pacalypsenow2011d ago

Remember that news story saying MS payed developers to only show the games on xbox , well popcap is one of those devs that took the money.
Unless they say coming exclusively to Xbox 1 its not exclusive

showtimefolks2011d ago

yes i guess Jeff Gerstmann was right, few months back i was watching bonus round and he said many 3rd party big publishers will be making exclusive games for one console

EA is with MS which is funny since they been loyal sony supporter

Capcom with DR3

Activision with sony on Destiny and i believe Bethesda will be with sony on ps4 but we will see

MS had a very good showing, TitalFall looks stunning

sony start with Last Guardian or FF13 versus or agent or KH3

after this years's E3 there will be many partnerships for exclusive games

i still like to believe that no 3rd party game is every truly exclusive and will come out on other console too

Geezus2011d ago

Alot of the game you just mentioned are multiplatform

gamertk4212011d ago

Bethesda and Sony? Seriously? Nah, XB1 will have the special relationship with Bethesda.

showtimefolks2011d ago


so KH3 which isn't announced is MP?
FF13 versus which is a ps3 exclusive or suppose to be is MP?

i don't think i mentioned any games that are MP.


yeh here is the thing about special relationship, its a business when you can get ted price to announce a xbox exclusive and can get EA to make exclusive games than nothing is special

last gen EA did a lot of exclusive content for ps3 but now they are with xbox, UBI are known to be with sony since day one so we will see

and i didn't say Bethesda will be with sony for sure i am just taking a guess, imagine if FO4 is announced and the dlc content now is exclusive to ps4, at this E3 i guess expect the unexpected

gamertk4212011d ago

Well Sony fans always try to say how end-all-be-all exclusives are, and when Xbox gets some, then they abandon that point. It doesn't matter if it's first or third party, but just that it's not playable on your rival's system, and in that sense, it is "special."

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brodychet2011d ago

it'll probably come to ps4 and ps3 eventually. Look at PVZ now, it's on everything. That game looks amazing though.

majiebeast2011d ago

Not exclusive according to EA's own website.

GentlemenRUs2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Thank goodness!

You sir are a lifesaver! A bubble is in order here ;)

Lubu2011d ago

According to the game's page on EA, It says platforms:
PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Hopefully they'll add PS4

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pompombrum2011d ago

Am I the only one who found almost every single sound in that game really REALLY annoying

Yodagamer2011d ago

Nope, it looks entertaining in the off-the-wall kind of way. The sound was bad in some areas. On a side note I swear every Dev working with ea is making a 3rd person shooter now days...

pompombrum2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Yeah it did look entertaining in a sort of quirky way and I usually find that style appealing but the sounds used just made me want to punch something.

dazzrazz2011d ago

so lets see free for iOS $15 - $20 on xbl ?

Chapter112011d ago

Plants vs Zombies is now a shooter. That's it, time to throw in the towl. Gaming in general has just shit its pants

monkey6022010d ago

While I actually think it could be fun your comment made me laugh

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