Dead Rising 3 Still Has "Silly Stuff" Says Capcom

GamerZines writes:

Dead Rising 3 has been announced as an Xbox One exclusive during Microsoft’s big E3 press conference, but footage of the sequel seems to put across a more sombre tone than previous games in the series.

According to Capcom's Brett Elston though, the zombie filled sequel still has all the "silly stuff" fans know and love.

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seanpitt231744d ago

Well it dosnt matter to me because iam only getting the ps4.

opinska1744d ago

I bet dead rising 3 is a timed exclusive? I mean crapcom wouldn't be so dumb as to let the franchise die on the shitbox?

Excalibur1745d ago

Was it just me or were there WAAAY too many Zombies?

I mean yeas it was impressive that many could be on the screen at once but I don't want to feel like I'm on the run the entire game either.

Thatguy-3101744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

The AI seemed really dumb too. Just seemed like a beat em' up zombie game.

GusBricker1744d ago

They're ****ing zombies, dude. They don't think, they just eat.

CrossingEden1744d ago

GEE, i wonder why the zombies weren't smart -_- hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i wonder, hmm, why would a monster who's only purpose is to eat flesh while also decaying constantly and barely being able to move, not be smart, hmmmmm, hmm,hm,hmm,hmm

kwyjibo1744d ago

Capcom have realised the Resident Evil 6 zombies which used guns and cover really weren't well received.

Tdmd1744d ago

You want smart zombies, go play Resident Evil. Zombies there will challenge you for a chess match!

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Crazay1744d ago

That's pretty well dead rising dude. Crap loads of zombies run away...

Sonyslave31744d ago Show
ThyMagicSword1744d ago

Capcom produces too much silly stuff lately, dontcha thinka, when do they decide to produce smart stuff? Dontchaaa think?

KwietStorm1744d ago

Silly stuff indeed. And that guy's voice acting could not have been worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.