Post Game Report 242 - Microsoft Press Event Review

The Post Game Report reviews the Microsoft 2013 E3 press event.

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Yi-Long1931d ago

... but nothing that has convinced me that I need to buy an Xbox One.

They certainly listened to the criticism about their earlier shows and their Xbox One presentation, so we heard pretty much nothing about Kinect (good), nothing about TV TV TV TV TV (good), and they focussed primarily on games, which was good.

They didn't really show any games that impressed me though. Most interesting to me was that 2D platformer Max, for 360, and that top-down game for Xbox One, Below.

Also, they completely DUCKED the whole issue about 24 hour check-ins, about used games fees, about mandatory Kinect.

And sadly, DUCKING those issues, doesn't make them go away. And those issues needed to go away!

Wikkid6661931d ago

I'm sure the round table interviews is where that stuff will be explained in greater detail.

brave27heart1931d ago

The ones they cancelled you mean?

a_bro1931d ago

They cancelled their round table discussions for that obvious reason

loulou1931d ago

e3 has only begun, and microsoft will be talking to the press.. everything will be clear. whether you like what you hear or not i cannot say.

but what i can say is that for me m$ smashed it! that was a cracking show, that showed not only some cracking games, but a great variety also.

honestly drm or always on-line. there is no way that i will miss out on an xbox one. pre-order going in.

this year is going to be expensive.. i'm getting the ULTRAAA COMBOOOO lol. i cant wait to hear that this year .

Wikkid6661931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

the round table interviews weren't cancelled. There was a scheduling conflict for some of the individuals... so some of the exes had to reschedule.

Hicken1931d ago

Canceled. Scheduling, my butt. They've had like a decade to get all that stuff right. No way they pass up on a chance to get more positive publicity right now.

The most logical reason is that they had nothing positive to say: they couldn't give people what they wanted, so instead they give them nothing.

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xJumpManx1931d ago

Great show nothing but games.