New Xbox Live Reputation System May Reduce 'Troublemakers,' 'Cheaters'

Kotaku - With today's confirmation of a new reputation system coming to Xbox Live for Xbox One, Microsoft is tacitly acknowledging how miserable it can be to play games against strangers on Xbox Live.

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Anon19742017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Good to hear. Something had to change. There's just no repercussions for those who are out to ruin the experience for everyone. Now as long as they make these features easy to implement and gamers actually use them we might have a better place to play.

Edit below: True enough but we can hope, can't we?

dedicatedtogamers2017d ago

Reputation systems can be abused, too. Bubbles on N4G, anyone?

Why o why2017d ago

Definitely a step in the right direction. Improvements can be added over time. There will be some issues but overall this is good

Software_Lover2017d ago

I hate the bubble system. I only have one account and dont feel the need to create others for bubbles.

+, to get bubbles, you have to catch the website at the right time. Right now, It's a plus to be a Sony fanboy because you can get bubbles galore. In the past, it was probably great to be a Microsoft fanboy.

The_Con-Sept2017d ago

If someone wants to cheat then I say quit the match and move on. Tournaments at MMLan parties won't be affected at all. Besides cheaters get their systems tossed from the top story window.

Ashlen2017d ago

I expect there will be lots of tears from people crying when they get banned (rightfully or wrongfully) and lose access to there entire game collection and they can't even resell any of it.

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r1sh122017d ago can be abused.
Eg.. A quite good player destroys a team, people from the losing team just give bad rep for the sake of it.

I know its happened to friends, who are like 97% avoided and given bad rep.
When they get a certain amount of bad rep, they cannot renew XBL subscription using that gamertag.

FullMetalTech2017d ago

I can picture it now. Little kids bringing your rep down cuz you beat em at some games.

HmongAmerican2017d ago

good and bad at the same time.

tigertron2017d ago

They should remove it altogether. People just abuse the system, I mean I've been given a negative rep for trash talking. I never use my microphone unless I talk to friends and when I do it's in party mode, never public.

MestreRothN4G2017d ago

I am also daily called cheater and hate mailed online for playing much better than everyone I know. Even some new clan mates got mad at me.

So, MS, these are the ones who will mark my reputation down because In better than them?

Horrible and lazy idea. You have dvr to report.

hazelamy2011d ago

so popular cheaters get left alone and unpopular good players could get banned?

this'll never go wrong. o_O

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