This week's Famitsu: Soul Calibur IV character revealed, ToS dated

- Scores

6666 Umihara Kawase
7666 SuperLite 2500 Chotto-Aima no Colpile DS
6666 Detective Conan: Tantei Ryoku Trainer

9777 Armored Core for Answer
9888 Dark Sector
9899 Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 [Professional Baseball Spirits] (PS3)
8888 Pro Yakyu Spirits 5 [Professional Baseball Spirits] (PS2)
8888 Warriors Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord

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Violater3676d ago

I sincerely hope they do not screw up the PS3 version of SC4, especially the online portion.

sonarus3676d ago

i doubt they won't SC4 will be using same online as Tekken Dr and i play it all the time. Some complain of lag but i rarely ever have lag. And i have a pretty slow connection. I also run wireless. So as long as it runs on similar network code it will be fine

KyonoRocks3676d ago

Oooh new character. Another sword wielder though, looks a bit like Xianghua if she had a 2handed sword.