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Saints Row IV - E3 2013: First-Look Demo

GT:Get your first look at the full E3 2013 demo in this All Access LIVE Presentation with Geoff and Saints Row IV's Senior Producer Jim Boone (PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

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claud3  +   756d ago
Looks so rubbish and badly put together
RavageX  +   756d ago
This is that game for me.

That one game that fuels the rage and anger deep inside of me.

I will never stop sharing my feelings on this rubbish.

Seriously though, I can't help from being upset every time I see it simply because they took something great and turned it into this. A lot was clearly taken from Prototype. I was hoping for a return to something more like SR2 in regards to the story, a city that felt alive, and lots of activities.

Instead....well, just look at it.

Very well could be fun, but it is NOT Saint's Row.
swishersweets20031  +   756d ago
i thought it looked stupid..
Super_ike  +   756d ago
looks like prototype :/
MrAnderson  +   756d ago
Guy sounds so un natural saying "homies" all the time. Oh, and the game looks terrible, bad graphics, same city, literally it's full priced DLC, infact, on PC it's more than full price (£39.99 on steam) yet most AAA games are £30 on steam, facepalm.

EDIT: some fanboy dissliked every single comment here, lol.
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dazzrazz  +   756d ago
Prototype 2.5 ! This looks stupid as f*** whats the point of having cars then when you can zip through the whole world
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MrAnderson  +   756d ago
Bigpappy  +   756d ago
I actually used to like this game. Now look what they've done to it.
Mugen90  +   756d ago
Wow I can't believe what this series has become. It's sad to see a series go down the toilet like this.
PerryCaravello  +   756d ago
Was this another game that microsoft payed to be exclusive?

Or will this be on PS4? Possibly wiiu?
MattMawko  +   756d ago
Whatever happened to gangsters?

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