1UP: Viking: Battle For Asgard Review - Visceral gore minus any substance

1UP writes: "At some point in your life, you're going to settle for something: a breakfast, a car, or a girlfriend or boyfriend. And while that's fine in real life, that sort of thinking shouldn't exist in the entertainment world. Imagine Michael Bay saying "Let's pull back on the explosions in this scene" and you might see where I'm going: Viking: Battle for Asgard falls far short of its potential.

Your main character is a Viking named Skarin. After he dies in battle, the goddess Freya brings him back to life to overthrow the evil Hel and her army of undead. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it stops there. Your character doesn't get fleshed out, leaving you no reason to care about him. Even toward the end, when it appears as though there will be a huge revelation about Skarin, it's treated with such indignity that it's laughable."

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titntin3765d ago

Hmmmm, I'm not sure about 1up reviewers.
Maybe I'll tire quickly of it, but right now, I'm really enjoying this game and I can see pelnty in it to recommend. A friend is playing this title downstairs as I type this and he is loving it too.

Whilst its hardly the stuff of AA dreams if this kind of thing appeals to you, don't be put off by this negative review, as you might find, that like me, you'll enjoy it too!
Mind you, I liked the Conan game too, so be warned! :)

va_bank3765d ago

Thanks for the fair warning - bubbles up ;)

sabbath4203765d ago

I have been looking forward to this game for a while now and just got really bummed by the review. I started to wonder about the person reviewing the game and how critical they sounded, and was wondering if they liked conan? I then read what you wrote and am going to get the game now, as I like conan also.

bumnut3765d ago

i have seen a range of score from 6 - 9.5

DRUDOG3765d ago

This is going to have to be a rental. Can't spend $60 on something that might be good. I just wish that I could trust reviewers more, but D+ to 9.5 is way to large of a range. I did like AC and it got those same crazy scores, so who knows?

Cyrus3653765d ago

Most big site reviews have been in the 6-7 range...

SullyDrake3765d ago

But in the end it's lackluster... The review just seems harsh. I may rent this. I usually either buy or ignore, as I don't have time to dedicate to a rental... I like an hour of Oblivion followed up by an hour of CoD4 n00b fragging and a bit of Uncharted to wash it down.

Damn, I really wanted this game to rock.

Ghoul3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

got it
played it 20 minutes (going to try once more but dont think it will change much)
going to sell it

you get thrown in the game without any story introduction whatever
lackluster movement and clunky buttonmash fights
for example once you pressed the button for attack your character executes the one attack animation and your not able to interact in the mean time (means you cant switch direction) only after the animation ends you gain controll back of your char.

graphics are nice but really nothing to get excited about, the ai is boring as hell you free some comrads and they jsut rush into the open attack random foes but they DONT team up with you.

everything has a rushtaste to it, they really could ahve made this game epic but everything is nice thought of but bad executed.

Damn i miss a great hacknslash viking game since Rune

well was worth a try i guess :)

im disapointed... very...

titntin3765d ago

'you get thrown in the game without any story introduction whatever'

Thats simply not true at all if you are the kind of impatient gamer that sits their tapping the 'A' button, you skip the entire lengthy intro and story, which is illustrated to start and then goes 3D. so you are quite wrong there certainly is aan intro story if your patient enough to not skip it.

As for the fighting itself, I've had a lot of fun with it - obviously it gets more interesting as you learn new combo's and start to add elemental powers to your attacks.
It must be doing something right - my teenage mate was here playing it for 5 solid hours earlier. He turns games off after a few minutes unless they captivate him. He's already planning on skipping college on Friday just to come back and continue playing!

metalarms3765d ago

Got it in the post this morning-been playing it most of the day!
It takes awhile to get into it, but once you do it's very enjoyable.
My only real complaint (apart from the main protaganist's lack of charisma) is you get slow-down in the huge big battles at the end of the islands.
Even Kameo pulled that off better, and that was 3 years ago!