1UP: Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Review - 'An excellent strategy expansion'

1UP writes: "You won't believe the contraption they've strapped to FMV celeb Joe Kucan's head. Half Terminator, half 1940s football helmet, it's the most incredible thing to happen to the Command & Conquer series since the sonic tank.

Which, by the way, is back. C&C3 expansion Kane's Wrath features plenty of oldies-but-boldies from the series' past, but doesn't lean too much on its history, either. One of the key factors for any expansion pack is that it brings a genuinely new game experience, while still integrating smoothly with past iterations. And KW does both in spades: The turn-based Global Conquest Mode and the 30 new multiplayer maps alone would be enough content for most expansions to call it a day. But KW goes on to throw in a full 13-mission Nod campaign, new "epic" units for each side, and six subfactions à la C&C: Generals: Zero Hour. That's a lot of entertainment for $30."

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Infernus3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Will be getting this soon. Just got back into PC gaming with Crysis and SupCom so a new C&C EP will go down a treat. Though I have Dark Sector to get through...

Looking good for EA at the moment. There's one thing I respect EA for and that's bringing back the old C&C Tiberium setting, building upon it is something I hope they don't mess up, for their sake, and from the looks of this EP I don't think they will anytime soon.

EDIT: The PC section is so barren on N4G a lot of the time but 0 comments after 3 hours is just plain weird lol. I know the consoles are good guys but please remember that the PC is the father of gaming. Not an old, miserable, gone-with-the-times father but a 'gaming rocks!' kind of father with the three consoles as children and a whole bunch of fanboys knocking at the door asking for their specific friend and insulting the others siblings. Gone are the days of old where PC gaming dominated...