Xbox One Available for Preorder Now on Amazon

oprainfall writes: "Following the Microsoft E3 press conference, Amazon has a page available where you can pre-order the new Xbox One. The page lists the console as the “Day One Console,” which includes a limited edition controller, a code to unlock a Day One achievement, special packaging, and a decal.

The Xbox One is releasing some time in November at a price point of $499 USD."

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Jakens1930d ago

You may reserve yours today.

Cam9771929d ago

Make that pass+2

No thanks.

NatureOfLogic1929d ago

Pass+3. I like to play games without being babysitted by my internet connection.

karl1929d ago

to many "on launch" and "first on xbox"

and very few actual exclusives.. i pass aswell

1929d ago
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EasilyTheBest1929d ago

Hi Cam977

"Make that pass+2

No thanks."

I am not going to go out and buy a women's bra tomorrow, not while they are £19.99.
You see, I am a man. I had no intention of ever buying a bra. Just like you have no intention of buying an X1.
I had a quick look through sum of your posted comments, who are you trying too kid and what are you trying to do...

WeedyOne1929d ago

Im passing but not because of the price but for the lack of exclusive games. By exclusive I mean not available on PC...

If you think the price is too high and that Sony will be cheaper... prepare to be disappointed...

I was expecting $499 for both consoles.

T21929d ago

At every xbox event they claim every game is exclusive. Then you find out about 20 percent are... They literally stretch the truth every time they speak ...

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HugoDrax1929d ago

Just Pre Ordered 2 at Gamestop. $100 deposit, now I await Sony conference so I can pre order my PS4 as well..GAME ON! I'm so excited for this generation.

rainslacker1929d ago

Sadly for me they probably won't open up PS4 pre-order until after the store closes here on the east coast.:(

HugoDrax1929d ago

I'm currently in the MIDWEST, although I use to manage a GAMECRAZY in DC on the east coast. The price point doesn't bother me, especially in 2006 the PS3 was $600.00. I know the economy isn't in the best shape, but consoles are cheaper than what gamers paid 7 years ago. Hopefully Sony matches the $499.00 price point or lower.

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Sitdown1929d ago

Why not Amazon? No deposit, no tax....

Corpser1929d ago

Good to know 500GB hard drive, but just one model?

NegativeCreep4271929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

or has Microsoft shown that they've learned at least something from Sony and will allow any 2.5'' hard drive to be swapped in?

deathstriker1929d ago

You can plug in an external HDD via USB 3.0.

mega311929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

U can use the USB as storage with 128 gb so yea u can expand it if u want

HugoDrax1929d ago

The xbox didn't have proprietary hard drives. Yes they were enclosed in a proprietary shell, but if you removed the hard drive you would see it was a 2.5" drive. I believe you still had to flash the drive, if I'm not mistaken?

DaThreats1929d ago

They going make you only be able to use proprietary usb flash drives, it's going to be a rip-off.

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yugovega1929d ago

now we will see if people are going to jump on it. xbone new slogan. just take it, it'l be over with soon

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