Xbox One Games Will Cost $60

Looks like the prices of games won't be increasing with next-gen.

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NatureOfLogic2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

$499 price for the most restrictive console ever, and $60 for games that you do not own. What a ripoff.

HK5A2015d ago

Are you saying if you buy an Xbox One game it's not yours?

Fucking stupid, lol

Qrphe2015d ago

It's really stupid, but MS is the mastermind behind this after all.

theBAWSE2015d ago

I had to laugh at the earlier article today statingq DRM is great for ms to win the new console generation because they may price games cheap like 29.99


lociefer2015d ago

why should i pay 60 to rent a game for mS now ?

dennett3162015d ago

It's not yours to do with as you please after you're finished with it - depending on whether or not a publisher feels like letting you trade it in at an MS sponsored retailer. Want to sell your game on ebay to recoup some of the cost if you don't particularly like it? "Nope, sorry, screw you we're forcing you to keep that sucker unless you take our pitiably low trade in price that we get to set because we have a right to do that now, for some reason" - Random Game Publisher.

fr0sty2015d ago

$60 to license the use of a game that I have to pay even more for if I want to play it online? No thanks.

loulou2015d ago

you can sell the games you pricks. just the purchaser will have to pay the unlock fee, and it will be unplayable on your hdd.

fanboys reaching now

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EasilyTheBest2015d ago

But you were never going to buy one no matter what Microsoft did...

Transporter472015d ago

Unless they took out their DRM and the used game fees would actually would of gotten one, as of now, im not.

mydyingparadiselost2015d ago

I would have if the restrictions had been let go.

dennett3162015d ago

I certainly wasn't, not after their focus for the next gen was made abundantly clear with the bundling of Kinect and the idiotically useless TV features.
The casual stripping of consumer rights and atrociously over the top DRM just dropped the cherry on the sundae for me. Console piracy was a thing, but it was a very minor thing...not like PC where it was all done via software crack, you had to physically mod the 360 by opening it and soldering a mod chip. What percentage of 360 owners would even consider doing that? 5%, maybe. Their restrictions are ludicrously over the top.

DigitalRaptor2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Oh, stop with this deflecting trite.

I would've bought a 360 before this new gen if MS actually cared about their consumers. The same would've been the case with Xbox One. I don't have to look far to find reasons to dislike Microsoft. MS treat their consumers like fools and criminals. Never has the seller had the mindset that buyers serve them rather the way it should be.

Listen to Jim Sterling's words of wisdom:

You guys are just as deflecting as your masters.

karl2015d ago

u know.. its not our fault that we dont like MS..

its theirs..

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mochachino2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

They should be cheaper to reflect the fact that often half of the game is inaccessible and requires that you pay MS additional money to use.

Depending on how many games you buy per year, a single game could really cost $120.

Even going by the consumer average 4 games a year, each One game with MP (all thus far) will cost $75 dollars when MS Gold Tax is applied.

nigelp5202015d ago

From the looks Killer Instinct should cost $40

NegativeCreep4272015d ago

but only if it came with fries and a medium drink. Now that's what I call a KILLER COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

thereapersson2014d ago

LOL, hey, if you're on XBox you could always hope it'll come with free Pizza Hut!

thelaughingwiseman2015d ago

What happens if your Kinect breaks? How much will it cost to replace it. You know me, clumsy person

RandomDude6552015d ago

60 bucks for something I don't thanks

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