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Microsoft bring their A game to E3, and hit the ball out of the park.

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Chuk52013d ago

They really did well, I think it's hard to come away from that thinking they did nothing. However, the still need to show us more of the system benefits of buying into such a restrictive ecosystem. (eg, something like sharing games with a collection of people specifically designated by you free of cost to offset the restriction of hour check-ins.)

JokesOnYou2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I see what you're saying, but uhmm it was great for me. I think both platforms are going to have DRM for used games which bothers me but its not really something that hurts me because I buy new and although theres this stupid process to do it, I can still loan a game to a friend, the rest I actually like the conveniences it brings....but I understand if it doesn't work for some people.

Dee_912013d ago

Well it was tons better than the past 2 years.Il have to wait for EA and PS4 conference for reference... haha ... conference for reference

ExPresident2013d ago

You mean, the DRM where Sony says you can play your games completely off line and that any DRM is up to the publishers?

I think a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 would be sufficient for their show tho. It was better than previous years but they take a HUGE hit from me because they clearly, and intentionally avoided any talk about their DRM policies that have been at the forefront of the gaming community since their original XBox One announcement.

mikeslemonade2013d ago

I can't go higher than 8.0 because this is the first E3 for the Xbox-one. It should be about the megatons. They did have like 2 but it was more about twisting words by making it feel like they had more exclusives than they really have.

JokesOnYou2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


JokesOnYou + 1d 14h ago

@DayZ, Why o Why...
"If i never have to go online, how can they authenticate my games?"

-Maybe like this:

"Games that are discovered to be tied to another user's account could potentially be rejected. The system works, according to the document, by attaching contactless RF "tags" to each game, which can be read without a network connection."

I can't say for sure if this is what sony will use but clearly they have the tech available to do it. Just giving you heads up.

-So drm can be done offline.

NukaCola2013d ago

For me the content was good. The presentation and overall show was extremely underwhelming. Games didn't pop like they should have. They basically just showed trailers and never really explained anything. Streaming is awesome. Im looking forward to seeing PS4 streaming. The Knack streaming demo seemed very dynamic. This E3 is going well. Oh I got to say $500 is steep. That's basically calling out a hefty charge for the Kinect alone. Last, the smartglass is cool I guess but they need this more open. Don't restrict the platforms so we can see more of what Watchdogs is trying to do.

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iGAM3R-VIII2013d ago

I think 8 is a reasonable say. They had some really nice gameplay at E3 and it was nice to know that it was all about games, BUT they still didn't clearify the used games policy and the always online DRM thing.

Nevertheless at least they improved by a lot since the X1 reveal back in May...

Gildarts2013d ago

Yes they did, its on the Xbox Wired site.

iGAM3R-VIII2013d ago

@below DUH I know that, it actually was not that clear when they typed it out..

abzdine2013d ago

as a gamer i enjoyed the only games conference even if very few of them caught my attention, except Remedy game which looks interesting but only CG so far.
btw, what is the impressive 360 exclusive they were supposed to show?

DRM is a deal breaker as i said before, even if they announced an exclusive FF or MGS.
the most impressive game they showed was MGS5 and that's a multiplatform title!

The show goes on and Sony will show some serious greatness!

Gildarts2013d ago

Quantum break was not CG xD

amiga-man2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

sorry abzdine I pressed disagree instead of agree, I will offer a well said bubble to make up for it,

darthv722013d ago

this show was focused on the games. Exclusive or not....they showed lots of games that appealed to different people.

Anon19742013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

And that's exactly what they needed to do. Best Microsoft E3 in years. Games were the focus and they delivered some really cool looking titles.

E3 is hype building event. I didn't believe for a second that we'd see Microsoft address concerns that have dogged them leading up to the event. Nor should they have. This was about flash and substance, and I think Microsoft did a good job at delivering both.

My overall opinion of the XBox One hasn't changed but as far as the quality of E3 presentations go, that was one of the better Microsoft presentations in recent memory. I was frankly pleasantly surprised given what we've seen from Microsoft at E3 the past few years.

nypifisel2013d ago

They did hold true to their words. It was surely all about the games. They did however not talk anything about the concerns of the consumer, which is a huge negative. MGSV was a surprised though, even though it is coming to PS4 as well.

CrossingEden2013d ago

to be fair, the whole time i was waiting for them to show the dance games and the kinect games, we got non of dat, all badass sweet games

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Lucreto2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

They did well but but that is not saying much after the last few years. There were very few in the way of exclusives. They hardly showed any first-party stuff. First-party is the differentiator there, and they said they had big investment in it, but didn't show it.

They showed 20 games and 7 were shooters. 35% of the conference was for them.

I don't like the price. I live in Europe so I pay over $100 more and all the tv stuff won't work at launch.

The best parts were Witcher and MGS5 but they are coming to PS4 as well.

Titanfall looks excellent but to singleplayer mode + no buy

My standing with them as improved slightly but not talking about the backlash with the drm and the price say I will not get one at launch.

JAMurida2013d ago


My thoughts exactly.

dark-hollow2013d ago

They showed very few exclusives?

Quantum break.
Project spark.
Forza 5.
Halo 4.
Insomniac game.
Dead rising 3.
Killer instinct 3.

This is pretty good for the first wave of revealed games.

Geezus2013d ago

And the black tusk game that was teased plus they havent shown their whole hand gaming wise i read somwehre theyre saving some game announcemnt for the future

2013d ago
Gimmemorebubblez2013d ago

I was mightily impressed, but still off-put by the whole DRM and online pay-wall:/
Sony, please do not drop the ball!!!!

JeffGUNZ2013d ago

Dude, Sony will be charging if you want to use Gaikia.

amiga-man2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

So? Geikai adds value it doesn't take it away, unlike M$ who forces you to pay for online adding DRM and the rest of the crap M$ are pushing, i'll keep my consumer rights and stick with PS4 thank you very much.

wenaldy2013d ago

1st It's Gaikai
2nd It's an added value feature, duh

Hicken2013d ago

That's irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the DRM, or paying to play online.

JeffGUNZ2013d ago

How is it irrelevant? Sony has yet to announce their oline tier. PSN+ was just a "testing the waters" subscription to see what their userbase reaction would be for paying to play. Sure, don't get me wrong, they will most likely offer a free PSN, but it's probably going to be so restricted of features it's not even worth it. All the great stuff Sony showed off at their reveal is going to cost something.

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DiRtY2013d ago

I expected a $449 price tag and now it is $499. Well... Not a big deal for me.

Pros, the things I liked the most:

Halo 5 (exclusive)
Dead Rising 3 looked awesome (exclusive)
The Witcher 3
Battlefield 4 (timed exclusive DLC)
Forza Motorsport 5 is just wow (exclusive)
Ryse looks really good (exclusive)
Quantum Break will be outstanding. (exclusive)
Titanfall will be a major game next gen. (exclusive)

And that was just what I liked.

The things others will like, but are not for me:

Minecraft on Xbox One (exclusive)
Crimson Dragon (exclusive)
Sunset Overdrive (exclusive)
Killer Instinct (exclusive)

And we still have to hear more from:

Lionhead (Fable IV?)
Black Tusk (small teaser lookd nice, but is not telling much)
MS Victoria
MS Redmond
MS Osaka

They really delivered. I don't care about this DRM stuff and never did, but as a gamer, you are missing out a lot of games if you don't own a Xbox One.

finbars752013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Im not trying to take anything away here but like I said on an earlier posting expect the unexpected.Alot of the games you think are going to be xboxone will be only timed exclusive games.Give it a day or two and and you will see these games being announced for the ps4 and even pc as well.Im not being a fanboy but this happens every year.MS needs to stop paying for such rubbish and focus on there fans and gamers.I find that MS are very decietful in that way.I hope Im wrong but im not holding my breath on this one because like everyone else we know that there not only for Xboxone especially Titanfall.Its a ways away so anything can happen.The show was better then I expected but still showed alot of CGI instead of gameplay.The gameplay that we saw was good but looks like the same old thing.I was expecting some new crazy IPs but never happened.8.5/10 is to high for me but 7.5 would be much better since the $499 stunned everyone.Way to pricey for something my TV,PC,Tablets can do.The rest of the stuff is just wasted crap that could have been utilized in many other ways.The other thing that will hurt them is that you still have to pay for being a gold member on top of the $499 so really its $549 plus tax.Not everyone has gold and or need the gold membership.MS i hope really plans out there future now because it does look bleek right now.

ExPresident2013d ago

Titanfall is not exclusive. Its on the PC which means I don't even need to touch an XBox One to play it. Stop claiming it as an exclusive.

Minecraft XBox Edition is exclusive. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a PS4 edition and if there isn't thats fine, not my cup of tea and again you can play it on PC, or tablet which means it isn't an exclusive.

If you still have faith in the Fable series I'm sorry.

You should care about this DRM stuff because its completely anti-consumer and unfortunately it sounds like you'll wake up when its to late and its already shafting your entire experience and rights as a consumer/owner of the stuff you buy.

2013d ago
voodoopickle2013d ago

the difference is most PC games don't require an internet connection except a handful. once you have authenticated the first time your done with it.

2013d ago
Jayjayff2013d ago

grading conferences? how does that even work?

Kleptic2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

well now we have a good scale to go off of, at least...

we now know an 8.5/10 means...announce a product about a month ago, receive unanimously bad publicity for A) trying to appeal predominantly to a non-gaming community, B) Vaguely touching on some industry changing (for the worse) DRM policies, used game availability, and always-on nature, and C) having PR managers back pedaling and contradicting their own words of these issues within hours of the conference...

then wait 2 more weeks or so, attempt to make all these issues make sense...and in turn make things even worse...but at least say 'wait until E3, it will all make sense then'...

then build an e3 conference in predictable fashion of mostly multplat games and bought up DLC offerings for titles not even released yet...all the while completely IGNORING everything that got them in the hole to begin with...and even worse...price the thing to a degree where any 'non-gamer' would laugh their self to sleep...

So thats an 8.5/10 i'm told...I guess this means Nintendo and Sony are safely sitting on a perfect score...even if they just decide to not even have a conference?

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