Insomniac “Are Still Working With Sony”

Following the announcement of its Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac has revealed it won’t be ditching Sony any time soon.

“We are still working with Sony,” Insomniac’s Ted Price told IGN’s Greg Miller in a post-press conference live stream when the developer was asked if Sunset Overdrive marked the end of Insomniac on PlayStation consoles.

Insomniac announced in 2011 that it would no longer be developing PlayStation exclusive games with the debut of Overstrike which eventually became Fuse. Fuse launched in May 2013 and marked the studios first venture onto the multiplatform stage with a release on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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FlameHawk2010d ago

Hope Sony ditches them, Sony has supported Insomniac for more than 10 years and then go make a exclusive with Xbox, no loyalty at all.

Mr_Nuts2010d ago

I know right, it's not the point that they went multiplatform they did it with the most horrible excuse ever that contradicts them. Apparently they wanted their freedom then go with EA...THEN go with Microsoft Sonys rival and another company who is known to not give their developers much freedom.

If I was Sony I would tell them to stuff it

mikeslemonade2010d ago

Insomniac has gone downhill since Resistance 2.

theWB272010d ago

Apparently Sony didn't think this IP was worth funding. Ever think about that?

abzdine2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

seeing FUSE i can say that Insomniac isn't what it was. Not because they went exclusive with MS but just when i see at least their 3 last games.

EDIT: on top of that i was far from being amazed by the CG trailer they have shown.

JokesOnYou2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

"If I was Sony I would tell them to stuff it"

-Maybe they went exclusive for this one so they could rebound and focus on making a better game than their last, but either way regardless of their reasons. Why would sony, terminate their relationship with Insomniac, sure they have an exclusive with Microsoft but that doesn't mean they can't Insomniac can't do something exclusive for sony in the future, plus why turn down MORE multiplatform games on your platform, that would be stupid.

morganfell2010d ago

Look at the last two Insomniac games. What would you choose, Insomniac or Bungie.

Why o why2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Let them eat.... its almost like some people never want their ex girls to be happy for forever. They put in work at sony. Lets be thankful for that and keep it moving. They may announce something for sony later on, then what.. live and let live

Mike above. Resistance 3 was better than 2 imo. Great game.

SpringHeeledJack2010d ago

Normally things like this don't matter that much, a studio making a exclusive game for a console all of a sudden isn't that big a deal.

But considering Sony supported insomniac from the beginning and helped made them who they are today, i thought it was down right disrespectful and just wrong to show up at xboxone and make exclusive games for microsoft.

Thanks for giving birth to me and looking after me all those years mum now get lost i don't wanna ever see you again and i now consider someone else my real mum.

malol2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

insomniac is going to beg Sony at some other point to put them back where they were as a 3rd party developer
you all watch and see

there last few games were decent but nothing stands out form the crowded market of good multiplatform games
insomniac dug their own grave and ted price is nothing but a noob entrepreneur thinking he is doing the best for his companion while its not.

windblowsagain2010d ago

What I found funny was the enemies look like Resistance and SONY own the I.P.


As for R&C.

Knack I think will fill that void, you have to be wise when playing it:)

gaffyh2010d ago

I don't understand what happened with Insomniac. The main R&C games have always been great, but since Resistance 3 and R&C: All 4 One, they've gone downhill. R3 left out some really great features that R2 implemented, not to say it was a bad game, and All 4 One was just an abomination. I really hope they can turn themselves around as they seem to be focusing on quantity rather than quality.

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NYC_Gamer2010d ago

I can't blame Insomniac they pitched the idea and MS decided it was worth funding

Godhimself_In_3d2010d ago

i think it was more of message of look Sony their with us now lol look ratchet and resistance fans Ted price is team xbox smh better? is how much did it cost ms

TechnicianTed2010d ago

'They played with the other kids, and I don't like that!'

undercovrr2010d ago

Well its about shutting down your entire PS fanbase. MUltiplat is one thing, everyone can enjoy the game, but switching from a console you represent for over a decade to your rival is real Judas.

TechnicianTed2010d ago

But it was ok when you could only play it on one console?

Hicken2010d ago

... you don't seem to understand.

See, Insomniac has been on Sony consoles for ten years. In that time, they've built up a fanbase that has come to expect them, and to expect their games on Sony consoles.

It's fine if they go multiplat, because they're not dumping the people that essentially made them what they are on Sony hardware. But to decide against making the game on that platform AT ALL is a slap in the face.

It would suck ass for fans of Bungie if, instead of going multiplat, they developed exclusively for PS4. If Polyphony inexplicably went to Nintendo only, that'd be crappy as hell.

Tell me, do you really not get it?

TechnicianTed2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

'Tell me, do you really not get it? '

I'd rather tell you to kiss my ass. It's a game developer making games, they used to make games for company x but now make games for company y.

If you get so involved with a developer that when they make a game for a console that isn't your console, and you get upset, like really upset, I suggest you take a review of your entire life and work out if you need to end it all or relax and let it go.

No need for thanks, I'm here all day.

MikeMyers2010d ago

All I hear from Hicken is "Whaaa, I can't play it because Sony will hate me if play it on another system".

But then again Sony fanboys don't have much empathy for Nintendo fans either when Final Fantasy went to the Playstation.

Yup, Jack Tretton is sure damn proud of the fanboys they've gathered over the years. They are a committed bunch aren't they? Trolling every Microsoft article days on days.

Hicken2010d ago

That's actually easier with gaming than anything else, though I expect you don't understand that, either.

See, gaming is interactive. So you wind up being more connected to a developer- through your experiences with the characters and worlds they create- than you would an author or musician. On many levels, you become the character, and their world becomes yours.

So when devs you've spent years with jumps ship, it's a slap in the face.

... dunno why I'm bothering, though. The extra bubbles didn't stop you from being a troll.

@Mike: Give it a rest, dude.

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Intentions2010d ago

Unbelievable... You people disgrace me.

Aceman182010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

i'm going to disagree with you i want them back to do a new R&C like ACiT.

even with them doing this game to me they will always be a playstation developer in my eyes. i hope their new game does well, and that people actually support it.

One4U2010d ago

yep if they make a successor to ACiT then ill be one happy child

Jayjayff2010d ago

They can and have make great games, if they want to get a bigger audience. Let them be, it is their studios. Their choice.

Cam9772010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

It doesn't even look very good. Screw Insomniac, the ongoing battle against them and ND has finally ended. Naughty Dog beat Insomniac, they're stupid and I don't want their ****** games anymore. Also they used CGI - why do companies even do that! It's BS! It is basically what they want their game to be, I bet the final product will look nasty.

Cuzzo632010d ago

Geez... its not even that serious. Sure, they use to be a great developer but I figure to just let them be. They put on this front about being a multi plat entity, blowing smoke in everybodies azz then throw out a exclusive deal with Micro... Lol obviously Sony didnt bother about picking them up for a reason... Hell their major hit was in a drastic decline over the years. Long live PS2 era R&C.... Those were the times... I miss the true r&c not insomniac

ABizzel12010d ago

I don't blame Insomniac for wanting to go multiplatform. They have to do what's best for their business in their opinion.

Now do I agree that this was a good idea? HE!! NO. But I wish them the best of luck.

Wizziokid2010d ago

After Fuse, Sony doesn't need them anymore

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AutoCad2010d ago

need to see more of this game.looks sweet tho from the trailer

princejb1342010d ago

looks sweet as a cgi yess
i even got excited for it
however its just a cgi, i have seen many cgi that looks awesome only for the real game to be dissapointing

AutoCad2010d ago

im saying the concept and the art style of the game looks cool.

TheFallenAngel2010d ago

Ditch them Sony. They are a mediocre studio anyways. Give resistance to another studio.

RandomDude6552010d ago

Ready at Dawn are better and they're (were?) are a mobile studio

yugovega2010d ago

and after what they just showed? no one cares

2010d ago