TitanFall Officially Confirmed For The PC & X360

DSOGaming writes: "During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Respawn Entertainment revealed TitanFall as an exclusive title for MS’ upcoming console. Naturally, we decided to ask Respawn whether there would be a PC version or not, and we are happy to report that TitanFall is officially coming to our platform."

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Shinobi1001892d ago

The mech parts looked cool. I'm not gettin a XboxOne since I'm a handheld guy, so I guess I'll get it when I start PC gaming, which will be about the time I tape the middle of my glasses, wear a pocket protector, and give up on tryin to meet females

StraightPath1892d ago

looked incredible! the scale was breath taking the mech battles, wall jumping , high jacking mid air, jumping on mechs pulling out players out of mechs!

this blow away shadow fall. killzone was not as nearly exciting as this with a scripted rope scene.

1892d ago
bsquwhere1892d ago

If you think that "multplayer" was real then your crazy. Yeah it was in game, but scripted. He took few hits, turned at the right moment to see that guy get his neck broke. Shot the guy ejecting from the Mech, and stuck his landing perfectly on the other Mech.

raWfodog1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

This was definitely the best game that MS showed. In fact, it was the only one that peaked my interest. Good conference since it focused on games. I want all the consoles to do well to keep the industry going strong. Still, I'm not feeling the DRM issue and the price point. Hoping Sony doesn't pull any DRM stunt (not holding breath though).


mikeslemonade1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Lame.. I just lost a considerable amount of interest on this game when it's also for Xbox 360. Meaning the quality of the game takes a hit so it can fit on the 360. And most of the sales of this game will come for the 360.

And now there is no game I'm offcially excited for the Xbox-one that is console-next-gen exclusive.

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HammadTheBeast1892d ago

So.... not really exclusive is it?

raWfodog1892d ago

I guess they meant 'console-exclusive' :)

titletownrelo1892d ago

i can see the tv add now:

[xbox one sound] ONLY ON XBOX ONE... and pc

Blackdeath_6631892d ago

i was going to say the same thing, was going to shift my gaming focuses to pc anyways. i wonder if that counts within the 13 or 15 exclusive titles or whatever that they were releasing in the first year

3-4-51892d ago

IT's for Pc as well ? Missed that part during the live conference.

Just built a PC so maybe I'll go this route and play BF4 on XB1 or PS4.

maniacmayhem1892d ago

This game impressed the living hell out of me. Love me some mechs and the running on the sides/jetpacks parts of the game.

Will have to keep my eye out on this game.

2pacalypsenow1892d ago

So its not Xbox 1 exclusive

Enemy1892d ago

Exclusively multiplatform.

SJPFTW1892d ago

Exclusive on Microsoft playforms, aka Xbox and Windows

1892d ago
Enemy1892d ago

It's EA published, nothing more than a timed deal like the original Mass Effect. You're delusional if you think it's not going to appear on other consoles.

testerg351892d ago

When a game comes out only for Sony+PC, Sony fans love to say "console exclusive!"

When a game comes out for MS+PC, Sony fans love to save "its not exclusive!"

Allsystemgamer1892d ago

That's actually very true...never looked at it that way

2pacalypsenow1892d ago

What game is PC+Ps3 exclusive that people say its ps3 exclusive?

WeedyOne1892d ago

When does that ever happen though? Most Sony exclusives are just that SONY EXCLUSIVES! They are not available on the PC.

This IS the reason many pc gamers have a ps3/pc as their gaming platforms. Having pc/360 would just be redundant...

givemeshelter1892d ago

Welcome to N4G where if the game is from Nintendo or MS or a PC game... It's hated on lol

1892d ago
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Enemy1892d ago

And PS4 months later with exclusive content.

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