Far Cry Classic Announced for Xbox 360

While Microsoft Studios’ media briefing this evening concentrated on Xbox One, the Xbox 360 has plenty of life left in it. Keen to capitalise on the renewed popularity of the Far Cry franchise, Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry Classic will be coming to Xbox 360 this summer.

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NeverEnding19891868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Wow. My main complaint with Microsoft 2013 E3 conference was that there were too many games.

mario191868d ago

Yeah your right... too bad most of them were not exclusive

AngelicIceDiamond1868d ago

There were allot of exclusives and multiplats. Just like in any MS or Sony conference.

Ritsujun1867d ago

Neverending BH since 1989.

RIP_Weazel1868d ago

sigh Neverending1989.
If you really want to sleep with MS, just do it, and dont let any of the nasty posters on N4G tell you any different.
You were made for each other, and im sure you'll both be happy.

Cam9771868d ago

You really don't have anything bad to say about MS at all. All of your comments show you glorifying them in some way or another.

GameCents1867d ago

Have you asked this of any SONY lover on this site? Because they are plenty.

Wni01868d ago

Fix Farcry 3s broken multiplayer thanks.

phillip7281868d ago

Take me back to the world of Blood Dragon, not the jungle...