Microsoft E3 Press conference Impressions

Well, Microsoft just wrapped up its E3 conference and there are some interesting things i want to discuss. Sit back and enjoy.

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dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

As a conference, I'd give it a solid B. But as a response to all the bad stuff surrounding Xbox One, MS completely dropped the ball. This conference gave zero reasons to tolerate 24-hour checks, required online, and resricted used games.

Jakens2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Well, No Kinect on stage but I did see Spencer so 1 out of 4 stars.

creatchee2015d ago

Stop. You can go back up on your soap box about anti-consumerism all you want in a little bit, but let's enjoy the first games of the next generation for a little bit first.

BDSE2015d ago

@creatchee YOU are the problem with the video gaming community.

creatchee2015d ago

Really? I play games for at least four hours a day, and have been a gamer for almost 30 years. I buy all of my games new unless I can only find them used. I have owned every home console with the exception on the WiiU since the PS1. I make video game machinima and post on forums when I find that I can add to the discussion. I love games and gaming.

If I'm the problem, I'd hate to see your solution.

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DivineAssault 2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

The exclusives are what i wanted to see & i wasnt impressed.. I agree with this article but if the exclusives arent exciting to me, why should i buy the thing? PS4 will be getting all those multiplats too & i would much rather play nx gen sony exclusives than these.. Sorry but i still dont want the x1.. I didnt see ANY type of eastern games either so im hoping sony can show M$ how its done tonight

gamertk4212015d ago

Eastern games, shmeastern games. They were overrated back in the day, and just suck now for the most part. 'Murrica, baby!

DivineAssault 2015d ago

Ya cuz MGS is just terrible right? Street Fighter? Theres more too if u do your homework.. Not everyone cares about shooters man.. I love all types of games (minus sports) so M$ Xbox One wont be something i want.. I have the option to play all 3rd party as well as great exclusives from all over the globe with Sony so thats what ill be buying...

The xbox has too many restrictions for my liking.. Not just the DRM either cuz i think PS4 will have something like that too but i dont want to install every damn game, be required to connect online, & be forced to have a camera.. Nothing they showed was enough for me to get over that, pay for xblg, & pay $500 for something i wont use.. No thanks but you enjoy

Rob_From_GopRant2015d ago

They knew they had to show only games. If they talked about anything else for extended period of time - they would have been destroyed by everyone. The conference was a decent showing.

RAFFwaff2015d ago

not a great showing and no one killer system seller title launch. i love dead rising, but im not paying £430 plus game price to play it.

Loki862015d ago

TitanFall obviously and I hate origin. Day one unless Sony blows me away.

NukaCola2015d ago

It was good. Not very exciting but still well done. Nice to see minimal Kinect face and utilizing it more integrated. Don't care about the smartglass at all. Price was too high for what it does.

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The story is too old to be commented.