Xbox One ‘Day One Edition’ Detailed

Microsoft Studios unveiled plans to launch the Xbox One console this November at their Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference earlier this evening, and since have gone on to flesh out the details of their rumoured ‘Day One Edition.’ Gamers who purchase a launch system will not only receive special packaging, but other exclusive features including a twelve month Xbox Live Gold membership.

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Abash1836d ago

That doesnt help justify the $500 price tag (plus needing an XBL Gold subscription to play online). It's too expensive

mikeslemonade1836d ago

Not a bad price, but just not enough content.

PraxxtorCruel1836d ago

Perfect for me. My live is pretty much running out in September and this way I'll be getting another years worth included in the price of the console. Next-gen is definitely looking interesting.

farhad2k81836d ago

$560 for an XBOX ONE + XBL GOLD.
If you're a new XBOX user, I feel sorry for you.

--Onilink--1836d ago

what price were you actually expecting??? from the moment that they said kinect was on every console $500 was a given.

Same thing will happen with PS4, if Sony decides to bundle the PSEYE2 with every PS4 it will probably be $500 too, $450 the lowest

hakesterman1836d ago

The PS4 Won't be $ 499.99 because they aren't going to bundle pseye in it. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's $ 449.00 because it has Faster DDR5 Memory in it.

Muffins12231836d ago

Eh...ea and activision and micrsoft stock went down today...if sony announces good price that should bring EA and Activation stock up...

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Darrius Cole1836d ago

Cool but it is all about the DRM. If they keep the DRM, I'm out. It's really that simple.

merciless1836d ago

just so you're aware

$500 = £250

£429 = $860

Give or take marginal fluctuations. The British pound is worth two American dollars. The Brits are getting shafted on this one

iamgoatman1836d ago


"The British pound is worth two American dollars."

LOL. $500 is £321, not £250. The current rate at the time of posting is £1 = $1.56. It has been 2:1 in AGES.

travelguy2k1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

1 GBP is currently $1.56 USD. UK still getting shafted but not as bad as you infer.


you beat me to it, +bubble

429 GBP = $668.33 USD :(

dcbronco1836d ago

merciless are you new to gaming? The UK always gets screwed. At least you get it day one this time.

Why o why1836d ago

Vat at 20% included in the price for goods by law .... but we get screwed regularly

Don't you still have to add the tax to the us price. Thats a reason I never try to do conversions as im never sure what your tax is

dcbronco1836d ago

It's weird in the US. You pay state and federal taxes. Except on the Internet. Online you pay taxes if there is a store in your area. Not if there isn't. But somehow you still do even if they don't have a store sometimes(there is a rule I can't remember). But that's rare. Then there is state tax. If the company has a store in you state, you pay taxes online. If they don't you don't. Except if your state has decided you have to. Most won't do that. And some states don't charge state taxes even if you are in a store. Some don't charge state taxes at all even for income. But they have higher business and point of sales taxes to get income. Basically all fifty states have their own rules.

Why o why1836d ago

Cheers... you just made my understanding worse....;)

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Gravitic1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

PS+ is now required to play multiplayer on PS4. Funny that Sony Faboys are still raving about XBL pricetag.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1835d ago

yes. Sony and M$ fans lose. Valve rocks..

talisker1836d ago

Keep it. Or bury it next to E.T.

LordHiggens1836d ago ShowReplies(1)
gnothe11836d ago

Then why are you guys here...I figured most wouldn't say anything about something their not interested evidently your impressed. .lol

LordHiggens1836d ago ShowReplies(6)
psyxon1836d ago

by your logic, a person can only ever express their liking of something, but not their disliking of it.

why? get over it. i'm sorry kiddos get butthurt because OTHER people dislike the console they happen to like.

grow up, kids.

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