Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack free

The Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack is now available for free from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Heroic Map Pack was released in December and originally cost 800 Microsoft Points. It contains three maps: Standoff, Rats Nest and Foundry. Check out El33tonline's previous coverage for more detail on the maps or head over to

The Legendary Map Pack will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace on the 15th of April for 800 Microsoft Points. It will include three new multiplayer maps: Ghost Town, Avalanche and another level which has yet to be revealed.

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mighty_douche3766d ago

Bit gutting for the folks who PAID for this lately. Also is it worth buying the new pack? That will probably free in a few months to.

Yi-Long3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

... they shouldnt have charged for it in the first place!

- Free DLC means everyone has the same content when playing online, so you dont get locked out of matches.

- It means that it gives the game a longer lifespan...

- It creates goodwill among the fanbase, and it rewards the players that are still enjoying the game...

- It might be a reason for doubters to pick up the game, now that more free content is available...

- etc.

Personally, I dont buy a game when I know it is only going to scam me for more money 2 months later, through DLC.

Example: Forza 2, and the upcoming Battlefield... and many other games where you know and/or suspect they will bring out DLC that they are gonna charge you for within a few months.

Now, if they would have announced that all the DLC would be free, I might have even bought it at full-price!
But now, I boycot those games, and either wait till their 20 bucks, or dont buy them at all and go for alternative games that are also good, and dont try to scam ya...

cr33ping_death3765d ago

didnt they take longer to release the GEARS OF WAR MAPS for free?

Imallvol73765d ago

I am so glad I didn't pay for these maps. They are so generic and boring.

Zancruz3765d ago

I don't know if I'll download it, I haven't even played my Halo 3 (SE) online yet.............. And I probably never will.

jinn3765d ago

if only i could connect to xbox live