Titanfall - Announcement Trailer And Gameplay Premier

MP1st - The Micrsoft conference has finally ended, and to help close its curtains Respawn Studio debuted their brand-new first-person-shooter title, Titan Fall, which is set to release on the Xbox and PC sometimes during spring 2014.

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Snookies122017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I wasn't... Too wow'd by this game. It looks okay, but I didn't find it all that exciting. Might just be me though... :\

Out of all the games they showed, Project Spark was my favorite. That looks really cool to me personally.

rela82me2017d ago

I liked spark alot. But titanfall looked like it could be interesting, but I wonder if it has any sort of single player experience. I think the multiplayer looks new and interesting, but wasn't a good closer of the show

JokesOnYou2017d ago

yeah, it looked great, very interesting especially cause I love games with awesome multiplayer battles.

blitz06232017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

This is the only game that looked great IMO.

Maybe Dead Rising 3, but Titanfall definitely takes the cake.

Not sure it's enough to warrant a $500 purchase for a strict console though.

And it doesn't come out til Spring 2014...

Blastoise2017d ago

This game and Killer insinct were the highlights for me

Sevir2017d ago

The PS4 version and PS3 version comes out 6 months after the XBOX One and 360 version.

2017d ago
Why o why2017d ago

Looked good to me. Ill keep an eye out for this one. Kinda reminded me of virtua on and zoe.. not sure why.

Why o why2017d ago

Didn't know it was a timed exclusive. 6 months is a stretch. Looks good either way

husomc2017d ago

this was one of the more interesting titles showed by MS

Godmars2902017d ago

Think its because it was only soldiers and mechs. No fighters, remote drones, tanks or even suggestion of support fire from the ships above. Just COD with mechs.

Still good looking.

S_C2017d ago

This was the only exclusive game that i liked the look of but am i going to spend £430 on a system for 1 exlcusive game ...... NO

Qrphe2017d ago

It's also coming to PC

StraightPath2017d ago

This game and so many owners just blew the gaming industry away. Damn this game looks soooo epic and along with sooo many exclusives! amazing show MS proved everyone wrong and MS is back. Sony fans hurt! wonder how will sony match this amazing lineup and show! pressure on sony if they don't


andibandit2017d ago

When he started running on the walls i was sold

Sevir2017d ago

They started it off with a Bang! All Eyes are on Sony now! and They've got plenty to show!


hummmmmm, I don't know about that. It was good, I would not say I was blown away. I am still not sold on it.

Nes_Daze2017d ago

Trolling again. This game looks like fun, BUT not as great as you would want it to seem, doing damage control, lol, MS is back??? LOL, And btw, Sony can easily match the lineup and go beyond as they have already done with the PS3 before.

duckmysick2017d ago

Owned E3¡?!? M$ will own you lol. That ryse gameplay looked garbage! Killer instinct looked good! Graphics on titanfall was trash! Dead rising 3 is hardly a system seller. And they basically tried to rip off Sony in every possible way! Phil Harrison, kojima, lbp ripoff, insomniac, gran turismo wannabe (I like forza), vid upload.... Pathetic.. Hardly anything original. And at $500.00+ tax+live sub+ +games..shiiit! You have fun bro bwhahaha!

Captain Qwark 92017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


its only trolling because its positive about ms lol they did what they said they would do, showed games and tons of them. they made some nice changes to xbl with eliminating points and giving away free games like psn+.

announced a decent price point, showed many exclusives, good variety of genres ( still many shooters but lets be honest, for some reason thats the most popular genre )

this was a very good conference no matter how you want to spin it. drm aside, the x1 is a pretty sweet console



no lol just no. i dont get "butthurt" over games. maybe when i was 14 and felt compelled to side with one or the other for w/e reason lol but i look at what each company offers very logicially, no need to spin any facts to make me happy about my choice of console....esp because i just buy them all. always have always will, these conference simply let me know what to expect.

Nes_Daze2017d ago

@Qwark, he mentioned sony fans were hurt, he sounds butthurt, as do you, It was a good show, but "Soo many exclusives, Amazing!, sooo EPIC"!??? LOL NO..

2017d ago
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Septic2017d ago

This actually looked epic to me. The gameplay seemed extremely fast-paced and I loved the whole concept of dropping in from space, jetpacking around the map and crazy mech gameplay.

Respawn know what they are doing and I can't wait to play this. This is going to be big.

raWfodog2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

This game looked really good to me, especially hopping in and out of the titan at will. Only problem is that I will never pay for Xbox Live just to play multiplayer games. I guess the sinlge-player could be just as fun, right? Oh well, my loss...

ATi_Elite2017d ago

Uh Oh, Looks Like Hawken has some serious competition coming.

Titanfall looks good enough for me to keep an eye out for it.

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lucidity2017d ago

It looks like a decent iteration on current gen shooters. Not the massive departure I think many expected. Reckon that nailing the control will ultimately be what determines if it sinks or swims.

first1NFANTRY2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

looked current gen and cod like. too fast paced. overall a very shooter centric conference.

Septic2017d ago

Too fast paced? Get out of here!

Why o why2017d ago

Lol, you must be getting old first

gedden72017d ago

Hmm KillZone x Halo.... Just for that I skip...

DivineAssault 2017d ago

So thats all theyve got? I thought they were going to "KILL" sony.. The PS4 announcement was better than M$ E3 conference.. KI doesnt look that great to me.. I was expecting so much more.. Oh well, just further cements my standing on buying that thing

DivineAssault 2017d ago

not in the slightest bit my friend.. I wasnt at all impressed by anything they had to show.. Teaser trailers dont do it for me.. I need to see gameplay & whatever they had to show will be on PS4 as well.. They did better than their xbox one announcement, but it still fell short of my expectations.. They did surprise me with a price & release which i dont care about but was still surprised none the less

loulou2017d ago

leace it out divineassault

that was a great showing, and they showed some greaat stuff.

the ps4 feb announcement was not even in the same league.

no doubt sony will have a good showing in a few hours, but microsofts one was superb.

dark-hollow2017d ago

Am talking about your statement that the ps4 reveal conference was much better.

And you want gameplay? They showed gameplay for ryse, titanfall, forza 5, project spark, dead rising 3, crimson dragon, KI and the couple indie games gameplay trailers. Only halo, the new studio game (forgot it name) and quantum break were trailers.

What exclusives were shown on the ps4 reveal? KZ SF gameplay, infamous second son trailer, knack gameplay, the witness and what ever media molecule showed.

Am not saying that all they have, and am sure more games would be shown this e3, but to say their reveal conference is much better than ms reveal in games department is very biased opinion.

Afterlife2017d ago

I don't think you're trolling and I agree. I was expecting something unexpected, a megaton big franchise like Fallout 4 being X1 exclusive to make me buy the X1 but we didn't get that. KI is a nice reveal but it's not for me and insomniacs game looks like a big cliché. Everything else was already known, Halo 5 and the Black Tusk game.
To me, Microsoft failed.

It's your turn Sony.

Nes_Daze2017d ago

I think MS had a good showing, but fanboys are trying to overhype it on one side, and the others are trying to make it seem as if it sucked. It was a good showing, but I don't know if it warrants a 500 dollar price tag at all.

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