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Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 gameplay – new video shows off open world - OPM analysis

The latest E3 footage for Metal Gear Solid 5 is live showing the incredible open world gameplay. OPM goes through the footage and predicts what it means for the series. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Xbox One)

dedicatedtogamers  +   659d ago
This was easily my favorite part of the MS conference. It looks amazing!
Dee_91  +   659d ago
Hands down my fav shown so far too.I mean MGS open world I never thought that would happen.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   659d ago
Beating-up Snake in Smash Brothers has warmed me to him.

This was the best

(and Titan' didn't look bad either.
The other games that looked interesting like "Quantum Break" were not featured enough).
Salooh  +   659d ago
They should have put this the last thing. The others felt Meh when i saw this . I'm serious . I consider this a bad thing from MS. It made me feel less hyped for the other games even though some of the games looked stunning.
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Walker  +   659d ago
Metal Gear Red Dead !
Sizzon  +   659d ago
Looked great :)
urwifeminder  +   659d ago
I laughed when the horse went past and he hid thought that was kind of silly looked great though not my thing.
Salooh  +   659d ago
Told you people. It's impossible to have that kind of graphics and open world on current generation. But all i get is disagrees. Come on , show your selfs who disagreed .. muahahahahahahaha XD

Yea, im evil when i have that level of excitement xP . MGSV on ps4 !!! Thank you GOD !!
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Horny  +   659d ago
Loved that part of the show, can't wait to play this game.
despair  +   659d ago
God that was gorgeous, even if Kojima wanted off that stage lol.
garos82  +   659d ago
This and dark souls 2 was the most interesting stuff I've seen at the event.overall was a good show from Microsoft
unicron7  +   659d ago
Glad this is will be on PS4 as well. Multiplatform guys, don't let them fool you. Fuck DRM.
ZBlacktt  +   659d ago
I was hoping for a new Red Dead Redemption game!!!! I didn't know Snake would be in it.

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