D4 Xbox One Gameplay Reveal Trailer

D4 is an episodic murder mystery by the developers of Deadly Premonition, which is going to be an Xbox exclusive and will have some amazing Kinect integration into it.

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urwifeminder1952d ago

Loving the art style in this game very interested.

StraightPath1952d ago

so many new IPs and exclusive it will be realllly hard for Sony to top this show!

Veneno1952d ago

I don't think that will be a problem.

Ozmoses1952d ago

yeah on spike TV they have the counter for games and it's 44 games to 40 in PS4 favor... granted that covers all games not just exclusives. but, we all know Sony has way more exclusive titles than xbox

and Sony hasn't even gone on yet.

JokesOnYou1952d ago

Well I was just happy to hear about 5 new studio's, I mean I don't care where games come from, 1st or 3rd just nice to see a commitment on bringing more games to their platform. Hey can we get a damm Killer Instinct trailer, I jumped out my seat when the KI graphic hit the screen. Hell yeah!

dark-hollow1952d ago

The trailer came so fast I didn't know what the f**k was going on!

mydyingparadiselost1952d ago

It's easy to get excited about a Swery game.

dark_1011952d ago

Reminds me of Afro Samurai

Veneno1952d ago

It seemed pretty action like for a mystery game. Art style is very nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.