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The Last of Us is about as good as video games get... and then some.

It may be yet another zombie apocalypse, but its rich story, developed characters and top-notch game play make it a cut above the rest.

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1897d ago
yugovega1897d ago

lol this is how much microsofts conference matters? already back to the last of us reviews lol

Majin-vegeta1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Only thing i liked about the conference was KI.But after seeing them butcher Jago.M$ can hit the high way.

On topic:Can't wait for this game.

yugovega1897d ago

idk dead rising looked good if only it had a real story then it would be appealing. ki did look bad and not in a good way.

Deep-throat1897d ago

This is just another groundbreaking game by ND

Walker1897d ago

Game of the Generation !