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Software_Lover1833d ago

It caught me off guard. I'm just wondering why they did not show any Destiny?

According to the logic on here, Sony paid for it right?

I'm on disappointed in that regard. I was impressed with the conference. Not giddy impressed, but impressed none the less.

B-radical1833d ago

i was surprised went better then i thought lol

egidem1833d ago

Let's just say it was a step up from the past myriad bad E3 press conferences they've had.

The ball is now in Sony's court. Let's hope they deliver.

blitz06231833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's not called Halo 5.

More like Halo One

mikeslemonade1833d ago

Y'all need to come back to reality. The series has been going downhill since Halo 3. My expectations for this game are low and then in reality this game will probably just meet those expectations. I was more interested in Bonnie Ross, who was the only eye-candy for the entire conference.

JokesOnYou1833d ago

I guess its for Holidays 2014...but why wasn't it labeled as "Halo 5"?

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StraightPath1833d ago

damn Microsoft E3 was amazing! so many hurt sony fans disagree can not admit this show was spectacular filled with the brim with games and major exclusives! some one get up a list soo many games!

inFAMOUS_KRATOS1833d ago

not really, the only hurtfull part for me was ryse, i want to play that game soo badd, i dont why people are praising that respawn games look nothing amazing.

oh and have fun with halo 5 6 7 8 9

Y_51501833d ago

Playstation and Nintendo gamer here; I really enjoyed what was shown at the show! Great games. But 500 dollars is a bit pricey and all those restrictions the Xbox One has makes it not a buy for me.

weekev151833d ago

It was a good conference. Very impressed, this from a Nintendo fan btw. Would have liked to see Banjo though. :( The big N needs to buy those franchises back and give them to Retro...

The_Blue1833d ago


Its all shooters, oh hey look Killzone

karl1833d ago

hurt how? for a moment i thought it was a third party group conference till i saw halo..

i admit forza looked sweet.. really. alot!

we didnt saw anything from halo.. not really the time to assume it will be great just cuz its halo.

and what else?ryse looked good.

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mikeslemonade1833d ago

The series has gone downhill since Halo 3. My expectations for this game is set low and then in reality in won't even probably meet that. I was just looking at Bonnie Ross for eye candy.

Maninja1833d ago

I'm sure Sony paid for it, but Bungie has stated multiple times that they view the PS4 as their preferable next gen console. I'm just sad that Kojima sold out and I'm furious at Insomniac, who is dead to me

GodGinrai1833d ago

"Bungie has stated multiple times that they view the PS4 as their preferable next gen console"

Sources? I doubt they would take that line knowing the audience that has supported them all own xboxs. that dont sound like common sense.

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nick3091833d ago

Wheres gears ? Is the franchise over?

CaptainPunch1833d ago

It will be back at some point.

Kaneda1833d ago

They have to wait for next year! Halo this year, Gear next year, and Halo again after that.. the recycle begins.. :)

CaptainPunch1833d ago

Doubt it's Halo 5, probably Halo 4: "Something"

FullmetalAlchemist1833d ago

The beginning made me think it was a Journey spin-off or something.

IAMERROR1833d ago

Right? Thought the same thing, loved the atmosphere of the desolate desert.

palaeomerus1833d ago

I thought it looked more like the cowled wanderer in the Diablo 2 cut scene movies.

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