Wii Success May Lead to Cheaper Next-Gen

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Analyst Billy Pidgeon with IDC tells Next-Gen that in the wake of the Wii's success and the explosion of casual, community gaming, the PlayStation 3 could be the last of the state-of-the-art consoles.

At launch, researchers estimated that Sony lost around $240 per 60GB PS3 sold. A pricey Blu-ray drive, state-of-the-art GPU and multicore Cell processor drove costs to new heights. Xbox 360's per-unit loss wasn't much better at launch at around $125 per console, according to estimates.

And then the Wii, with its cheap "GameCube 1.5" technology came along, albeit with motion sensing, showing that Nintendo could sell a console at no loss, attract a massive following and be profitable from the start."

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Voiceofreason3707d ago

I hope so. I really feel like the next gen would have cost me around 1k per console had Sony been number 1 out of the gate. I might not like everything about the Wii but at least it may force Sony and MS to think a little cheaper next gen.

Doppy3707d ago

The Wii is not cheap. I can go out and buy a new Gamecube which is basically a Wii for $70 yet the Wii cost $250 only $100 less than the 360 and $150 less tan a PS3. And at the end of the day I will only be able to play Nintendo's franchises, since most third party games suck on the Wii and with the limited hardware there's no way we can see something like Devil May Cry 4 or many other multi platform games on the Wii, unless they build a Wii specific game like Soul Calibur Legends (which sucked). You also pay at least $60 for a controller, $80 if you include the classic. And with no DVD, HDD, or HD support the Wii seems to be the worst buy out of all three systems.

PirateThom3707d ago

The only reason Sony and Microsoft will be cheaper next gen is because they'll probably not make as big a jump in terms of graphics because it's no financially viable to developers.

Cyrus3653707d ago

That's probably more accurate, if you go with insane level tech, it'll require developers to pour even more resources, your already hearing about 25-30 million dollar budgets for some games... I don't think Videogame developers want to hit higher marks, unless they can gain mass appeal like movies do, then they can do 100 mill budgets like movies.

Master of Menace3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Saying developers don't want to reach great new heights, is like saying NASA doesn't want to reach Mars because it might be too far away! Wii just doesn't allow developers room to move at all. Wii will continue to get the cheap(?), budget games, 360 and PS3 will continue to be the showcase for developers talents.

Sarick3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Even if Wii was successful there will always be a few techogeeks wanting a high end device.

The only thing that really worries people is will the market support them. Another thing that might catch peoples attention is the jump to next gen would have to be pretty impressive to gain mainstream support.

It's like DVD to HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Unlike the jump from VHS to DVD the digital difference is far more appealing to the general customer base then the DVD to HD market. This would mean that standards reach a point where the difference in quality isn't as apparent to the the average customer.

We upgrade for new technology because it's an improvement over the previous gen. If that improvement isn't significant some people won't have interest in supporting it causing market stagnation. This is one of the biggest fears a console owner has when buying a launch console. Will it fail or will it be successful? No one likes spending money on vaperware no matter how much they make.

With the Wii the improvement was in interface. Graphics and sound aren't the only technical advancements in games. So perhaps the technology has reached a point where advancements are from more then graphics and audio. At this point hardware won't need to be expensive. Good ole innovation might be enough to improve the technology. This could be in the form of new ways we perceive games or interact with them.

Just my 2 cents.

Master of Menace3707d ago

Nintendo 64.
Gamecube. Pretty sure there vapour because I can't see em nowhere!

The Closing3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Both M$ or Sony seem to be pretty set in their ways, and I doubt will change now, and that would just set them up for more competition where nintendo is king in the casual market as well as alienating their hardcore fanbase who have always been the first to pick up their system giving the console ground to stand on. I for one would be extremely displeased with this. I like the fact that I got my moneys worth for my ps3 instead of wasting my hard earned cash on a reiteration like gamecube 1.5. I like the fact that for 10$ more per game I get a truly next gen experience instead of the experience I've been having for the past 6 years. New ps2 games on an average are 30 bucks so why are wii games 50? The wii mentality is for those who are near sighted.

QuackPot3707d ago

There's no excuse anymore for expensive next gen release consoles that are sold at a loss.

The Wii is cleaning up by bringing in the Casual Gamer with great price, fun gameplay(the Wii-mote) and respectable performance.

GT5 is showing that the PS3 will likely achieve in many games, near photo realistic graphics within four years. Once that is achieved then it will be the minimal standard for any future console.

The Ps4(or xbox720) doesn't need to be significantly more powerful(and expensive) with revolutionary technology - just an improved or evolutionary versions of existing hardware that's damn cheap yet still more powerful the the previous model.

Okay Sony & Microsoft. You now have been shown the way to go. You've got the stunning graphics, net service and variety of games. Now bring on the cheap evolutionary consoles and the Play-motes and watch the money roll in.

Sarick3707d ago

Although I didn't disagree, it seems like others did. I wonder why. Could it be because some people think technology makes a better game then fun factor?

My post also got disagrees even though I was very objective about the strengths and weaknesses of technology advancements.

Sometimes your in a lose lose situation when explaining your views.

Master of Menace3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Is it really possible, the Wii is cheap, but evolutionary it is not. Betray you, your thoughts do! And yes Sarick, games 20 years ago are still fun, so why buy a Wii?

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