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Thatguy-3101988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

looks mediocre. Doesnt even look Next-Gen. I will say that base off the gameplay Online should be pretty cool though.

Simon_Brezhnev1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Yep its funny how Halo was the only game that actually showed a Titan figure. LMAO

Im not saying the game looked bad it actually looks fun but Halo just made Titan figure more appealing.

FriedGoat1988d ago

I thought it looked fun. very codesque though, but it is respawn.

WhittO1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

This looked good

I just thought though "ANOTHER FPS?..."

Reminded me of Killzone for some reason, except without the atmospher/particle/lighting effects etc ;) hhaa

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Loved it....dayumm I feel like a 9yr kid again just before Christmas. My favorite part is when he ejected from the mech and came crashing down on the other mech, shooting its power source, so f-ing badass. Great stuff for X1.

Brazz1988d ago

I'm one of the guys that bash X1 all day! I hate all shit MS is doing, but i have to admit!
Their conference was good! and they have some sick carzy games!
Killer Instinct and Titan fall! Hell MS, ineed new pants now! Spark too is very interesting...
The only thing bad is the price, $ 499 is too much! but the games are ok!

pompombrum1988d ago

Looked good, I'll pick it up.

Ps: The article title should really be renamed to "Coming to Xbox" because it's coming to the 360 too.

mikeslemonade1988d ago

Titan Fall was the only impressive game in the conference aside from MGS5 but that's not exclusive. I give the conference a B-. As of right now I'm not buying Xbox-one because Titan Fall was the only game that was any good. Microsoft needs to show me around 2 more games.

sticky doja1988d ago

I wasn't sure about the next Xbox but I really liked their conference. Also Titanfall gameplay looks amazing. Graphics were ok to good but the gameplay looks like it could be very addicting and strategical. CoD killer? Only time will tell.

dendenmooshi1988d ago

I thought it was okay. Definitely not the best shown exclusive for me.

I liked Spark and Quantum Break quite a bit better.

Angeljuice1988d ago

Addictive UK = Addicting USA?

loulou1988d ago

jokesonyou agreed.

that looked f'king good. shame they used the source engine..

all in all, that was a great showing from microsoft

mikeslemonade1988d ago


Based on what we seen with COD and BF4, those games will be overthrown by other shooters that have better gameplay. Since both COD and BF4 don't look graphically impressive either. That's what they deserve for being multiplatform for for atleast 5 systems..

Why o why1988d ago

They brought the has never bereft of a trick or two.

Can sony math or do better.....see yall on the next instalment of E3 DRAMA

Outside_ofthe_Box1988d ago

Besides MGSV, this game impressed me the most during Microsoft's surprisingly all around good conference( No Mirrors Edge 2 >:[ ). Too bad it's XB1 exclusive though. If only MS could undo their anti-consumer crap.

malokevi1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

LOL @ anyone who watched that demo and says "meh"

its free to play, and it looks SO GOOD. freekn whiney PSfantrolls make me sick.

Any gamer who watched that conference and is finding things to complain about is no gamer. That conference was everything Ive ever dreamed of.

My jaw is still floored.

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AngelicIceDiamond1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

If it was on Sony's platform...

Anyway, Titanfall looks super badass. Nothing from Crackdown, Fable or Alan Wake 2 oh well, maybe next year.

blind-reaper1988d ago

If it was on a Sony platform it would be named killzone.

DeadlyFire1988d ago

It is published by EA don't worry 2015 it will be on PS4. As its being developed by a small team just like Metro, and Witcher 2 releases so minimal platforms.

PC, and Xbox One release in 2014. :P

Count1988d ago

Hey, here's to hoping!

Ausbo1988d ago

Im suprised lionhead didnt show what they were working on. Unless i missed it. Plus rare is working on killer instinct i assume, so what is the other team at rare doing??? Kinect stuff?

Gildarts1988d ago

Well they did say they have more for gamescom...EVEN MORE!!

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brodychet1988d ago

I think it looked really exciting. I understand Zampella doesn't like comparing TitanFall to COD, but the truth is; they are extremely similar.

Still it looks like a possible COD killer. (maybe if wasn't exclusive to XB1)

ChozenWoan1988d ago

This was the only thing that I saw that was touted as an exclusive that I want to play on a Sony console... I'm still hoping it's timed exclusive but it looks to be a true CoD killer if BF4 doesn't take the title belt first.

3-4-51988d ago

Actually it looks more fun than COD...It's like COD + Next Gen graphics + Halo jetpacks + wall kicks + mechs = pretty cool looking game.

* It's probably going to be a system seller.

The thing about this gen is that there isn't just going to be 2-3 FPS games that are popular, there will be 8-10.

Competition is a good thing.

Kleptic1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

i'm not saying it looked 'bad', but 'next gen graphics'? seriously?...

I'm not comparing it to other platforms...i'm saying they showed Xbox One games minutes before Titanfall that looked immensely better imo. The Witcher 3 and BF4 absolutely trashed it in visuals from what i could tell. The particle effects and multiple environmental assets clearly look lifted right off of a 360/ps3 game. The lighting looked ok, but nothing drastically better than current tech, either.

Respawn has plenty of time to get that worked out, and i do understand this is also a 360 game, so its not a specific development cycle for the new hardware. The visuals were acceptable, but i couldn't say they looked decidedly better than current technology...and keep a straight face...A 360 right now could do 90% of what was just shown without much trouble...albeit at a lower framerate...

StraightPath1988d ago

DAMN AMAZING SHOW MICROSOFT has redeem themselves so many exclusives!

sak5001988d ago

Agreed, i was quite skeptical after the reveal but this really swung me back to Xone. Gonna get it at launch even if i have to work 2 jobs.

AngelicIceDiamond1988d ago

Agreed, MS definitely redeemed themselves. Great show Indie, Arcade to AAA they covered it all.

Great show from MS.

JokesOnYou1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I loved the show, watched it live on my screen, I'm off work today, Microsoft definitely impressed me, I think the only thing you could knock was the BF4 delay so if that's the worst you can say then it was definitely a great show.

fermcr1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Stop trolling. The game looks great.

Congrats Microsoft. Good show.

ziratul1988d ago

Game looks very good. 8.5/10 Imho

Hellsvacancy1988d ago

Reminded me of Enslaved meets District 9, it looked awright

Thomper1988d ago

C'mon... It looked brilliant?!?!? I can't wait to play it

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Software_Lover1988d ago

Looked fun. Maybe they could teach Lost Planet how to do MECHS

Virtual_Reality1988d ago

Why it says is exclusive? Is coming also to the PC.

DirtyLary1988d ago

So the xbots feel special about their $499.99 multiplatform console.

Count1988d ago

It's cheaper than a PC and provides a lot of its games. They don't need to try and justify their purchase.

CaptainPunch1988d ago

Get back when you know the price of the PS4

sak5001988d ago

Butthurt much? This conference showed you SDF touts x1 is about games as well along with all the extra they showed in the reveal. The graphics of games even as initial launch titles look much better than last gen and all games seem to be running at 60fps.

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yugovega1988d ago

because pc doesn't count considering pc sales are worse then the wiiu.

Hicken1988d ago

Now you're just being ridiculous.

Anyway, the game does look good. It still has that Call of Duty feel to it, but they've added a massive amount to that formula. According to Pacther, it probably cost MS about 60 million to secure exclusivity. Which is a damn shame, cuz I'd be certain to pick it up if it was on PS4.

Well, there's always the hope that they'll renounce their DRM. If so, I'll get to play it.

UNGR1988d ago

"Console" exclusive. So technically it is and it isn't.

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DirtyLary1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Neat mechs. Boring old last gen maps that look like that any fps out there. Think out of the box, you have the tech now.

sak5001988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

You want a game about barbies running around and throwing flowers at kens? Admins really wanted N4G to light up during E3 so they bubbled up trolls like you. Hopefully soon you should be back to your single bubble.

urwifeminder1988d ago

I thought titan fall was very nice I could watch that mech action all day long on my list amazing show surpassed everything I expected wow.