Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake, available now on Japan Playstation Store

It seems that people in Japan are getting every thing. Konami has brought the Classic Metal Gear Solid originally released on PS1 to life again in Japan only. While US store seems unlikely to have one soon, since Konami of America has just released MGS the essential bundle.

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Phil Harrison Mkllll3768d ago

I still got my PS1 copy. Hope it comes to the U.K+U.S soon;-P

Crazyglues3768d ago

I guess they felt that japan needs this in-order for sales to pick up, and not to mention a great way to get people excited about MGS4 coming to PS3 in june.

predator3768d ago

are you able to buy of the japanese store and play it on a PAL ps3? i miss this game and would love to play it again, even on PSP

killer_trap3768d ago

don't think there's any way you can buy stuff from the japanese store which is a shame really. the store is full of classical ps2 games including resident evil 1 and 2. i don't know why sony takes to long to release ps2 games in America and Europe.

Shadow Flare3768d ago

I heard something about using sony playstation cards, i think that way you can get cards for different territories and put money on them so you can purchase their content. I think you get the cards from sony shops or something. But this is only what i heard, it may be wrong

tweaker3768d ago

Check ebay. Sometimes they have PSN cards from Japan for sale. You can use them on your Japanese PSN account.

Vicophine3768d ago

If this was available on the US PSN I'd snap this up in a heartbeat =D I don't understand why the US PSN doesn't get all those amazing PS1 and PS2 games that Japan gets...We want some love too =( And so does Europe especially, they really need love. They've been beaten and whipped while the U.S is just flogged occasionally =D

rawg3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Either the PS3 or PSP. Does anyone know if you can play the JP version using remote play?

EDIT: nvm, forgot you can play any PS1 game using Remote Play, PSN or disk.

Kami3768d ago

there are a crap load of PS1 games in the japan PSN.

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